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Protest, Protest?

Fethiye uses power of words to protest axed trees
You’ve taken my roots. Are you happy now?

Fethiye Municipality and the Turkish environmental NGO, TEMA, joined forces earlier this month in a powerful act of solidarity to protest the felling of hundreds of pine trees on the Fethiye Kayaköy road earlier this year.

In January, 506 red pines, some centuries old, went under the axe.

The Muğla Metropolitan Municipality carried this out as part of a controversial road-widening project.

The protest was unusual, in as much as it used the power of words, spoken as if by the trees themselves, to get the message across along with eye catching signs placed along the length of the road.

The story attracted the attention of the nation’s media and Fethiye Times Article Felled pine trees: Fethiye uses power of words in emotional protest

But it seems not all citizens may be in support of the protest.

Last week the press filmed a number of the signs as they lay on the ground.

They surmised that a disgruntled person or persons had knocked the signs over in protest over the protest.

Of course the reason for their new position may have been as a result of something different; wind or even an inquisitive herd of wild boar using them as scratching posts?

Whatever the reason it was another opportunity for the story of the tree felling to be debated in public again.

Work Lottery

A programme of temporary work offered by Fethiye council and the forestry commission to provide on the job experience in Fethiye received a great deal of interest.

Last week the local press pictured a room full of hopeful applicants.

But they were not waiting for an entrance exam and interview

Instead they were waiting for their name to be pulled out of a hat.

The Lottery was used to allocated jobs in forestry, cleaning, care of the elderly and office roles.

Changes to Identity Requirements for Short Term Rentals in Turkey

Updated legislation for short-term property rentals in Turkey
Updated legislation for short-term property rentals in Turkey

FETHIYE Times ran an article last week all about changes concerning the workings of the legislation covering short-term property rentals in Turkey.

In the first of a series of interviews by legal interpreter and residential property expert, Doğan Şahin, he talked with Hakan Oğuz, Sergeant Major of the Fethiye Gendarmerie Garrison Command Centre, to ask him about the recent legislative changes regarding short-term property rentals in Turkey.

It helpfully set out the seven popular questions and the answers.

The article created a large amount of interest with the Fethiye Times Facebook page achieving a reach of over 16k and our website buzzed with comments from property owners and renters eager to find out more.

FETHIYE Times full article can be found here Updated legislation for short-term property rentals in Turkey.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.49 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was selling for 4.54 TL.

Weather Forecast

Here’s your weather forecast for the week ahead.