Fethiye Times News – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Peaceful Turkey Day

Fethiye Police and Oludeniz Jandarama were quick to apprehend and charge a bag snatching scooter rider last week.

On Friday the county police force took part in a national day of security checks.

They checked vehicles, individuals’ identity and workplaces as part of a ‘Peaceful Turkey’ (Huzur Türkiye) day.

They also called in their four legged workers to take part too.

One canine sniffed out a hidden stash of narcotics.

End of the Easy Visa

The Greek island of Rhodes has been a popular destination for Turkish Citizens taking advantage of easy visa travel arrangements.

The local press reported that the Turkish Citizens will no longer be able to travel to Greece and the Greek Islands and buy a temporary visa on arrival.

Instead tourists will need to apply for a visa in advance.

Pest Planning

Pest control teams from Mügla Büyükşehir Council were featured in the local press last week as they carried out their year long fight to control the areas mosquito population.

During the summer months populated areas receive regular early evening spraying to kill the mosquitos as they emerge for the night.

During the winter months though the teams target the mosquito breeding grounds and stagnant waters that accumulate in rubber wheels, buckets, pits and similar places after the rainy weather.

By addressing the breeding grounds they hope to reduce the effects of mosquitos in the summer.

Citizens are urged to contact the council by phone on 444 48 01 if they spot mosquito breeding environments that they are unable to deal with themselves.

Treasure Hunters Arrested

Four people allegedly engaged in the illegal excavation of historical monuments in the Seydikemer District of Mugla were caught red-handed by the Jandarma.

The local press said that the Jandarma were acting on a tip.

When they arrived they found the four men busy excavating a 2 meter hole.

The men were arrested and their excavation equipment that included a generator, two diggers, two shovels, wooden supports, 33-meter-long rope and tipper were confiscated by the Jandarma.

The four were later released but face a court hearing in due course.

Turkish Money

The recent fluctuations in the value of the Turkish currency relaxed last week.

The British Pound bought 4.61 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before the Pound bought 4.62 TL.

Weather Forecast

It’s going to be a sunny, dry but cold week ahead.

UV Level – Medium

Even though it’s winter the sun is still strong so if you are out don’t forget to apply some sun protection to prevent winter burn.