Fethiye Times News – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Great Holiday in Fethiye Guaranteed

The Mayor of Fethiye Behcet Saatci attended the EMİTT 2017 Tourism Fair last week.

Speaking to the local press he said anyone visiting Fethiye this year is guaranteed to have a great holiday or he will refund their holiday costs.

The statement was made during an interview in which the Mayor spoke about his hopes and fears for the 2017 tourism season.

He referred to the 35% fall in visitors in 2016 and the risks ahead for 2017 but said Fethiye is great place to visit.

He told the press that Fethiye is a wonderful place to take your holiday with hotels and accommodation to meet all budgets, great restaurants, activities, beaches and breathtaking scenery.

So the 65% of us who will continue to visit this wonderful country should have an even better time this year on holiday in Turkey.

Weather Week

White out on the Fethiye – Antalya road

Wintery conditions continued to grip the area last week.

The main road between Fethiye and Antalya was snow covered making driving conditions difficult.

The snow brought fun and a bruised leg for one woman’s though.

She had to be taken to hospital by ambulance when she injured herself sledging in the snow near Nif.

The cold weather was not welcomed by some local farmers.

Those with Poly tunnels had to keep all night vigils with their wood burners to prevent their crops suffering frost damage.

And then to add to the weather woes greenhouse owners in Kumlova and Kinik were battered by a strong wind on Friday. It tore through some poly tunnels ripping the plastic

Uplifting Event

Fethiye hosted a weightlifting sporting event last week.

A four day weightlifting tournament was organised by the Turkish Weightlifting Federation and was held at Eldirek Sports Hall, Fethiye.

The top results were:

Men’s – Turgay Besler – Ankara (322 kilos )

Women’s – Rabia Kaya – Istanbul (198 kilos)

Speaking at the Championship Muğla Governor Amir Çiçek said:

“If we achieve success in every kind of sport, we will demonstrate the power and unity of our nationality in the world, and we desire to have national sportsmen in the Olympics not only in the country but also abroad.”

Money from The Heavens

Over the mountains to Antalya now.

The Mediterranean University in Antalya receives and analyses meteorites send to it by citizens.

They introduced the term ‘space mining’ to encourage citizens to head to the countryside to harvest pieces of meteorite that land.

Genuine meteorite pieces can fetch hundred of dollars.

A news team followed villagers in Bingol who were filmed scouring local fields and picking up pieces of meteorite.

They said this is another way of making money from the land.

But it’s seems it’s not easy money.

Speaking with Haberler.com Associate Professor. Hasan Esenoglu from the university said that it is very difficult to determine where the meteorites fall even though your eyes think otherwise. He said:

“People who see it in the meteoric sky think it’s close to the area they’re in. But it’s hard to figure it out because it could have fallen into hundreds of square kilometers, so it’s not so easy to guess where to go and find it when you see it in the sky.”

Turkish Money

The Turkish currency continued to lose value last week.

The British Pound bought 4.85 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday but in the morning it dipped to an all time high of 4.89 TL.

The week before the Pound bought 4.66TL.

Weather Forecast

This week looks a bit brighter than of late but the cold days and nights are set to continue throughout the week.