Fethiye Times News – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Happy New Year

Welcome to the first Fethiye Times News of 2017 and happy new year to all our readers.

We first published Fethiye Times on 1 April 2005 and after so many years it’s good to be still going strong!

Postcard bay and mountains

White Stuff


It’s been a very cold and unsettled week with ice and snow making even lower elevations rather like Narnia.

Social media had a blizzard of images showing snow, snow men, snow ball fights and more.

But the town of Fethiye stayed snow free, mostly.

That was until Thursday when lorries turned up at Gazi and Atatürk primary schools in Fethiye.

The trucks drove into the play grounds and then proceeded to tip their loads on to the play grounds.

It snow much fun!
It’s snow much fun!

Kids from the schools gathered to watch this unusual event.

Atatürk school Fethiye
Atatürk school Fethiye

And when they saw that the lorries were tipping snow onto the playground many were beside themselves with excitement.

Gazi School Fethiye
Gazi School Fethiye

It was such a surprise some of the kids had to be held back until the lorries drove away.

It’s just ‘snow much fun’.

Ski Resort – We Remember That


Eren Dağı snow
Eren Dağı snow

The heavy falls of snow prompted memories of the old Eren Dağı ski centre to come to the attention of the local press.

The ski centre which was first opened in 1997 was seen at the time as one of the key attractions that would reach the long term aim to turn the area into an all year round holiday destination.

The promise to ski in the morning and swim off Fethiye beaches in the afternoon seemed like a dream.

Fethiye Erendag ski centre - Things to do when on holiday in Fethiye

But the site never really established itself and the final straw was in 16 February 2012 when the wooden centre building was destroyed by fire. It closed.

Five years later and with the first significant snow falls for many years it seems many were lamenting the idle ski centre.

Now all they need is someone to lead the way, rebuild and keep the access road clear when the snow arrives.

Flooding for Others

Roads became impassable
Roads became impassable

The unsettled weather brought flooding to some low lying areas of Fethiye last week.

Those same waters then turned the sea brown as they deposited their alluvium into the bay.

Properties in an area of Koca Calis featured in the local press when it was reported that the ground floors of the summer houses on one site had been flooded.

Some of the local roads became quagmires.

The regional council had been called and attended to clear drainage channels, but the volume of water was too much.

Local residents have called for more to be done to alleviate flooding.

There will only be a brief respite from the rain according to the forecast so the flooding could continue.

First Heated Swimming Pool


The opportunity to keep fit by swimming throughout the year is soon to arrive in Fethiye.

Social media reports that Fethiye will have its first heated indoor pool soon.

The pool will be located in the Habeş Gym on the road between the tax office and Akarca Kipa.

It is scheduled to open in February.

So this could be the ideal opportunity to keep fit and swimming throughout the year when the sea is too cold.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.48 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it was worth 4.35 TL.

The value reduced some 8 kürüş following the terrorist attack in Izmir on Thursday.


Another unsettled winter week ahead but there should be some sunshine too.

Another winter week ahead.
Another winter week ahead.