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It’s Going to Be A Nice Sunny Christmas Day in Fethiye

A Fethiye Sun Rise
Christmas Day 2010

Visitors and residents have a fine and sunny Christmas Day to look forward according the latest weather forecast from the UK Met Office.

Temperatures are forecast to reach a high of 12 degrees and a low of 5 degrees at night with a light Northeasterly wind.

Although it should be warmer in a south facing sheltered spot by the coast.

So find that nice sheltered spot and you can bask in the sun whilst tucking into your Turkey dinner.

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all Fethiye Times readers and their friends and families.
Wishing a Happy Christmas to all Fethiye Times readers and their friends and families.

More Opportunities to Recycle in Fethiye

Many more opportunities to recycle in Fethiye
Many more opportunities to recycle in Fethiye

Fethiye Town Council has been very keen to promote recycling of waste as part of its drive to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Last week members of the waste team proudly displayed some of the new recycling containers that will be placed around town.

The eye catching receptacles will be placed on streets throughout the town so that citizens can do their part to divert waste such as plastic water bottles, paper, cardboard and metals from land fill.

Strong Wind Shreds Poly Tunnels

The weather grabbed the headlines on Wednesday after strong winds had the ripped through the area on Tuesday evening.

In the farming areas around Seydikemer many of the poly tunnels suffered damaged when the winds shredded their plastic covers.

Farmers affected then had to race to repair their damaged plastic once the wind subsided to protect their crops from frost.

In Nif a social media user reported that the winds had got so strong they had blown over a telephone exchange box.

Local Produce Week Leaves Bad Taste

Simit for breakfast with sucuk, cheese and egg
Simit for breakfast with sucuk, cheese and egg

Twenty two students from Yusuf Izzet Gokce secondary school in Babtas Fethiye fell ill with suspected food poisoning last week.

The students had all eaten food brought to the school by parents as part of a week long ‘local produce’ event.

The local press reported that the students had become dizzy and some vomited after consuming items of food.

Some students were rushed to hospital by ambulances whilst others were taken to A and E by their parents.

After treatment all of the students were sent home to recuperate.

A mother of one of the casualties who spoke with the press said she suspected that the source of the poisoning could have been one of the ingredients of a Pide.

She suspected it was the sucuk, a type of spicy reformed meat.

Dead Turtle Washed Up on Beach

A dead turtle was discovered by a passerby washed up on Karatas Beach near Fethiye last week.

The turtle was 80 cm long and was estimated to weigh 80kgs.

It was removed by the Council.

The local press spoke with Dr Yakup Kaska from the Turtle Rehabilitation centre near Dalyan who said that turtles can become stuck in fishing nets and drown.

At the end of November we reported that a holidaymaker who was motoring in his boat along the beach at Kabak near Faralya, Oludeniz had rescued an injured turtle.

The man pulled the turtle into his boat, headed to shore and then he took the turtle to the rehabilitation centre in Dalyan.

Turkish Money

It was a more settled week for the Turkish Lira last week with its value to the British Pound settling at 4.38 Turkish Lira (TL) just 1 kürüş up on the week before.



A lovely sunny but cool week ahead.

And as we have already said Christmas Day looks to be fine and sunny!

And Finally

What a Great Idea! Could This Work In Fethiye?

Residents and visitors often comment on the cleanliness of local beaches.

Some people including the Mayor and Governor have even donned gloves and grabbed a bag to head on the beaches to help clean them up.

So when we spotted this fantastic sandwich board promoting a brilliant beach cleaning call to action last week we wondered – could this work in Fethiye.
Litter and beach cleaning board

The board has all you need, a litter picking arm, bags and instructions.

It even encourages you to promote your efforts on social media too.

What do you think?

If it could, who could make it happen?