Fethiye Times News – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Republic Day Celebrated

Republic day 2016

On Friday Turkey celebrated the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Republic by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The streets, skies, homes and many of its citizens were adorned in the Turkish flag.

Fethiye marked the occasions with a number of events including a parade and show at the local football stadium.

Cümhürriyet Bayramı celebrations
Cümhüriyet Bayramı celebrations

One 97 year old man flew in a tandem Paraglider from the top of Babdag to the beach at Oludeniz trailing his Turkish flag all the way.

SCUBA Divers from Fethiye took their flag to the bottom of the sea to have their picture taken.

War on Waste Continues

Waste article

Over the last few weeks the problem with littering has become an ever increasing issue.

The Lovers Lane clean-up campaign led by the Fethiye Mayor has highlighted that the authorities are now taking this situation seriously.

In fact the Council installed CCTV cameras last week so that they can monitor the area.

Last week a litter conscious local English expat Mick Scarsbrook joined the unofficial campaign.

He was featured in the local press black bag in hand as he picked empty plastic bottles from an area of land near to the sea.

The headline read Twenty empty bottles collected in ten minutes.

He told the press that “Turkey is like a heaven” and that “we should be ashamed of this littering”.

Taste of Fethiye delivered into new hands

Jane Rown, Şemsi Toprak, Mustafa Şıkman, Salli Felton, Vicky Erdoğan and Dilek Dinçer
Jane Rown, Şemsi Toprak, Mustafa Şıkman, Salli Felton, Vicky Erdoğan and Dilek Dinçer

On Wednesday Afternoon last week, the there was a meeting held at the Yacht Boutique meeting, to officially hand over the Taste of Fethiye project from the Travel Foundation to Fethiye’s cultural NGO, FETAV.

The meeting was attended by the Travel Foundation CEO, Salli Felton, Destinations Programme Officer, Jane Rowan, Taste of Fethiye project managers, Vicky Erdoğan and Şemsi Toprak, Dilek Dinçer and Mustafa Şıkman from FETAV and various local officials.

There were also representatives from the hotels and farmers who have been participating in the Taste of Fethiye project.


Taste of Fethiye, which won a UNWTO award in 2015, was originally launched in 2010 as a five-year collaborative project between the Travel Foundation, Co-operative Travel, Tui UK & Ireland (Thomson, First Choice) and Thomas Cook.

A new concept for sustainable tourism in Turkey, the aim of the project has been to:

* promote the fantastic local produce available in the Fethiye region.

* assist farmers in the region to improve the benefits they gain from tourism and to encourage good farming practice.

* highlight the benefits of buying local produce to hotels and encourage them to buy produce from local farmers.

Salli Felton, Şemsi Toprak and Mustafa Şıkman each spent a few minutes thanking those involved in the project and explaining how they envisaged the project moving forward under FETAV. They also said that the Taste of Fethiye was a unique pilot project for Turkey and hoped it could be extended to other destinations in the country.

Open Water Swimming Event

Oludeniz hosted its own event for athletes with special needs last week.

Around thirty people took to the waters to compete in an open water swim.

Model Tugba Özay awarded prizes to the competitors.

The father of one of the competitors told the press that his son, who suffers from Downs Syndrome, is a role model for others who have this condition.

He told the press that parents of children with similar conditions should not keep them behind closed doors but encourage them to get out and take part.


Catching the air in Butterfly Valley: base jumping comes to Fethiye

The 2016 Air Games may now be a distant memory but those who enjoy airborne thrills are still taking to the air.

Last week it was the turn of base jumpers – people who just love the thrill of jumping off a high building or cliff and free falling before opening a parachute for what should be a safe landing.

The Butterfly Valley base jumping stage was once again lowered into place ready for action.

Twenty five base jumpers strapped chutes to their backs and made the jump to land on the beach some 330 metres below.

The local press reported that it was all great fun and that tourists who were sun bathing in the beach below told them they loved to see the colourful chutes in the valley.

Mystery Explosion Injured Three

Three men from Uzumlu were rushed to hospital early on Wednesday morning last week after they were injured by an explosion.

The men claim there were injured when a bag that they found at the side of the road exploded.

Medical checks confirmed that the men had traces of explosive residue on them.

The security forces visited the area of the alleged incident but were unable to find any traces of an explosion it was reported.

But they did confirm that the vehicle the men were travelling in had been recorded by the automatic number plate recognition system.

The press wondered if the men had been injured as a result of a botched treasure hunting attempt.

Later that afternoon the press published a picture with no comment of a damaged area of rock near to where the men had reported the explosion.

The mystery continues.

Noisy Exhausts Siezed

Seized exhausts

Fethiye police have been cracking down on the small antisocial group of motorists who modify their vehicles to make the maximum noise.

The police have been seizing vehicles and ordering the removal of noisy exhausts and other engine modifications.

Last week they displayed their haul of exhausts and other modifications seized.

All of the items will be sent for crushing and thewill be recycled.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.79 Turkish Lira by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 26 pence.

Last week it bought 3.77 TL.


A fine and settled week ahead with plenty of warm autumn sunshine.

Weather week 30oct16

And Finally

Turkey decided not to change its clocks for day light saving time on Sunday morning.

The whole country will now continue in the summer time mode of UTC +3 hours.

But that decision doesn’t stop the change in the seasons, the end of the tourism season and the onset of winter.

As tourists headed back to Dalaman Airport for the final charter flights back to Europe many resort businesses started to pack up for the winter.

Farewell to the 2016 season…….