Fethiye Times News – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Air Games Another Great Success

Image credit Barry Felgate
Image credit Barry Felgate

The 17th Oludeniz Airgames dominated the headlines last week.

The coverage showcased the wonderful coastline, sunsets and fun and excitement of the event.

Thousands of spectators joined the 390 participants to watch the thrills and spills over the week.

Fethiye Times reader Barry Felgate was one of those lucky spectators and the image above just one of his many images of the airgames.

The action also extended to Fethiye, Calis and Gocek with a hot air ballon on show in the town square and other low flying action along Calis Beach.

Hot air balloon fethiye

Flying low Calis beach

The event ended on Saturday evening in Oludeniz with one last spectacular show.

Image credit Barry Felgate
Image credit Barry Felgate

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be posting a gallery of some photographs from the last day of this year’s Air Games. I our readers have any p,cures from the day that they would like to share, please send them to our email address: fethiyetimes@gmail.com

Migrants Intercepted

The coastguard intercepted 59 migrants and eight traffickers last week who were trying to make the journey to the Greek island of Rhodes.

Of the eight traffickers arrested, five were reported to be Georgian nationals.

One female trafficker was photographed making the victory sign to the waiting press photographer as she was led into custody.

The press reported that the traffickers had charged each adult migrant 4,000$ and 2,000$ for each child.

Puppy Rescued from Tar Trap

Image Credit - Haberler
Image Credit – Haberler

A newly wed couple helped save the life of a puppy last week.

They spotted a little pup stranded in thick black bitumen at the side of the road near Seydikemer.

The pup was barely alive and half of it was covered in the sticky toxic gunge.

The couple called the fire service who rescued it and took it to the animal shelter.

The pup was cleaned up as best as possible and is now reported to making a quick recovery.

Cannabis Farm Removed

Local security forces removed just under 350 cannabis plans found growing in a forested area near to Uzumlu.

It was reported that the plants were well established and ready to be harvested.

Investigations are now underway to locate the farmers.

There was another story about cannabis this week coming from a very different perspective. According to the Turkish media, 19 provinces have been granted licenses for growing cannabis – for every kind of use, apart from that for which the stuff in Fethiye was grown. Those bits have to be burned. Just make sure you’re not standing downwind when that happens!

Baby Rescue

Police were called to a vehicle parked near the promenade last week after they received a call from a concerned passer-by that a child had been left unattended in the vehicle with all the windows closed.

When the local press arrived they found the police standing outside a vehicle with a two year old boy locked inside.

The boy was awake but upset.

The police tried without success to contact the owner of the vehicle via its registration details.

They then asked the child to open the door, but that didn’t work.

So they asked the Council to announce an urgent message on the town PA system.

That worked and soon the 60 year old father and 38 year old wife both on holiday from Gaziantep were back at the car for a tearful reunion.

The couple told the officers that they had left the child asleep in the car as they didn’t want to wake him.

They then went for a stroll along the promenade.

The family drove away after the police had checked their identities.

Beach Clean Gruesome Find

Beach clean oct 2016

Volunteers headed to the coastal beaches and islands from Fethiye to Bodrum last week to pick litter as part of the International Coastal Clean Up campaign.

The local press followed some of the volunteers and celebrated their amazing efforts as they loaded bag upon bag of collected rubbish onto truck after truck.

But one group who were out cleaning up the seashore on Red island came across a gruesome find.

On the seashore they found the incinerated remains of an endangered Loggerhead Turtle.

The turtle appeared to have been covered in some form of flammable substance and set on fire.

However, much of the shell and skeleton remained.

The volunteers buried the remains.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.76 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 26 pence.

Last week it bought 3.79 TL.


A fine and settled week ahead with plenty of autumn sunshine.