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Fethiye Council employees give Lovers Lane some TLC

Mayor Behçet Saatçı and Muammer Şahin (FBKM director) assess the task
Mayor Behçet Saatçı and Muammer Şahin (FBKM director) assess the task in hand

The hillside road, known locally as Lover Lane, was closed to traffic for several hours on Sunday afternoon when employees from Fethiye Municipality volunteered a day of their weekend to give some much needed TLC to the area.

As the name suggests, the lane that runs above the town and provides some spectacular panoramas of the gulf, is a popular spot for romance and also for groups of youngsters.

Unfortunately it has also become a place for sneaky fly tipping.

Views over the gulf
Views over the gulf
Members of the Municipality Band lend a hand
Members of the Municipality Band and employees from the municipality lend a hand

Together with community minded locals they cleared the garbage from the road and surrounding area.

Kitted up with protective gloves and with a plentiful supply of plastic sack, teams from the Municipality Band, the Zabita and rubbish collectors, as well as other staff, were joined by Mayor Behçet Saatçı.

A team from Ölüdeniz ready for action
A team from Ölüdeniz ready for action

Plastic bottles, bags, cans, cigarette ends and empty packets and a profusion of debris from sunflower seeds appeared to comprise the majority of the rubbish and hundreds of sacks of rubbish were collected.

Fethiye Times was told that there should be some action taken soon to try and stop the unsightly litter, with cameras and even 24 hour security.

Clearing the hillside
Clearing the hillside
This was only the beginning...
This was only the beginning…

Latest news…

On Monday the council reported that three huge trucks of garbage were collected but that from now on this antisocial behaviour will hopefully be consigned to the dustbin of history, as security cameras are to be installed.

Three of these massive trucks were needed to take all the rubbish away.
Three of these massive trucks were needed to take all the rubbish away.

Fethiye Lions Club Mark Anniversary

Fethiye Lions club 100 trees 2016

Members of the Fethiye Lions Club donned their gardening gloves and grabbed a spade last week to plant saplings.

They planted 100 saplings in parks and public areas in the Akarca District of Fethiye.

The saplings were donated by Fethiye Council.

Fethiye Lions 100 oct 16

The 100 is to mark the 100th anniversary of the Lions Club International.

Chicago, USA will be the site of the Lions Club international celebration in 2017.

Paraglider Rescued

A German solo Paraglider was injured last week when he crashed shortly after take off from the famous Babadag Mountain near Oludeniz, Turkey.

The local press reported that eye witnesses said his chute collapsed after a successful launch.

Members of the UMKE medical rescue team rushed to the rocky crash site.

He was later stretchered to a waiting ambulance.

He is reported to be recovering from an injury to his shoulder in a private hospital

Oludeniz air games 2016

Tomorrow hundreds of paragliders will take to the slopes of the mountain and then to the air to take part in the 17th annual Oludeniz air games.

The man was reported to have travelled to the area to take part in the event.

You can read more about the 17th Oludeniz Airgames Oludeniz Air Games 2016

Donor Saves Lives

A woman who died in a major traffic collision near Fethiye on the 3 October could now save three other lives it was reported last week.

The 50 year old victim had signed up as an organ donor; to donate her organs to others in the event of her death.

The regional health board chief told the local press that woman’s organs would help save up to three other lives.

The liver was to be sent to Gaziantep and the kidneys to patients in Izmir and Fethiye.

He also urged citizens to sign up as a donor to help others.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.79 Turkish Lira by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 26 pence.

Last week it bought 3.87 TL.



Watch out for the possibility of a heavy downpour in the early part of the week.

That rain should then clear the way with a return to warm and bright autumnal sunshine.

And Finally

Tractor trailer

A farmer from the village of Zorlar near Fethiye was spotted by a passer by towing a unique trailer last week.

When asked he said the trailer had been made out of an old van he owned and that it would be used only on his land.

he told the passer by that the trailer has room to carry three passengers and a load of up to one ton.