Engelsiz Kafe is a small, colourful café in the centre of Fethiye. Earlier this year it attracted the attention of Maggie Moore. She is the wife of the British Ambassador, Richard Moore, and a member of SHOM, a fund raising group in Ankara.

The brainchild of Salih Çetinel, owner of King’s Garden Restaurant, the café encourages teenagers and young adults, who attend the Special Needs Learning Centre next door, to interact and socialise with members of the public, in preparation for their future lives.

A surprise visit…

Maggie Moore, Müesser Yılmaz and Richard Moore (1)
Maggie Moore, Müesser Yılmaz and Richard Moore (1)

Engelsiz Kafe opened in April of this year. A few weeks later the café received a surprise visit from British Ambassador, HMA Richard Moore and his wife, Maggie, when they were visiting the town. At a lively and spontaneous gathering, the couple drank ayran and met and spoke with the Centre’s Director, Muesser Yılmaz and some of the young people who attend the centre.

Ayran and fun were on the menu
Ayran and laughter were on the menu

…results in a surprise donation

Maggie was so impressed by Engelsiz Kafe that she shared the news of her visit with SHOM (the Association of Spouses of Heads of Mission in Ankara) of which she is a member, and the SHOM committee voted to donate an incredibly generous 4,000TL to support the café.

Dilek Dinçer, Anita Malhotra, Salih Çetinel and Sheila Tongue
Dilek Dinçer, Anita Malhotra, Salih Çetinel and Sheila Tongue

At the beginning of the recent Kurban Bayram holiday, Fethiye International Group (FIG) chairman, Sheila Tongue and FETAV’s director, Dilek Dinçer, received the donation on behalf of the café from Anita Malhotra, from SHOM and wife of Kamal Malhotra, UN Representative in Turkey. Dilek Dinçer, director of FETAV, FIG chair, Sheila Tongue, and Salih Çetin thanked Anita and SHOM and discussed with her the café’s philosophy and future prospects.

Anita said: “SHOM is delighted to be able to support Engelsiz Kafe and look forward to hearing how the café will develop with the help of this donation.” Dilek Dinçer, Sheila Tongue and Salih Çetinel thanked her and the SHOM committee for their generosity.

Looking to the future

Over the coming weeks and months, FIG and FETAV will be working together with Salih, to help the café develop its work with the young people who attend the special needs centre and maximize their opportunities for the future.

Watch this space for news of the upcoming project.

Engelsiz Kafe: Fethiye’s café that focuses on ability