Fethiye Times News Week Ending 17 September 2016 – our pick of what’s been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Busy Bayram Continued

The nine day Eid al-Hada public holiday, or Kurban Bayram as it is known in Turkey, continued to be enjoyed by thousands of holiday makers visiting the area.

Babadag 4,000 Flights!

Paragliders in action
Paragliders in action

The local press reported that Bayram holiday makers had flocked to the mile high Babdağ mountain to make the world famous flight to the beach below.

A spokesman said that 4,000 flights had launched during the holiday period and that around 75 percent of participants were domestic tourists.

Wet Landing

Paraglider crash pool oludeniz

Meanwhile social media reported than a solo Paraglider shocked a group of sunbathers in an Oludeniz hotel when the pilot made an emergency crash landing in their swimming pool.

Swimmers and sunbathers were said to have scattered when the pilot splashed down unannounced.

No injuries were reported.

Saklikent Canyon Busy Too

Bayram holiday makers also made a beeline to Saklikent Canyon to cool off and enjoy the natural beauty and other attractions nearby.

The canyons operating officer told the press he expected 15-17 thousand visitors to pass through the gates by the end of the holiday week.

Long Drive Home

Then at the end of the week it was time for the holiday makers to pack up and go home

Saturday was the busiest day on the road with large queues forming in the usual locations.

Goat Rescue at 3,000 metres

Girdev goat rescue

Lake Girdev is a remote seasonal lake located in the mountains high above Fethiye.

In winter a thick blanket of snow covers the area.

But in the summer the area turns into a lush pasture ideal for grazing livestock.

The area has been a popular summer grazing area for centuries.

The altitude also has the benefit of cooler summer temperatures too.

Last week two shepherds who graze their goats in the area completed a successful rescue mission to save a stranded goat.

The goat, which had been missing for a week, was located in a deep, rocky crevice, thanks to its bleating.

The two shepherds used a long rope to tie around the animal and then pull it to safety.

The three then posed for a picture to mark the proud moment.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.87 Turkish Lira (TL) by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 25 pence.

Last week the Pound bought 3.94 TL.


The weather for the week ahead looks like this.