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Beach Road Closure Controversy

Map of Calis fire location

The closure of a popular seaside road to traffic that is used by locals, tourists and foreigners alike caused some debate in the press last week.

Around 600m of Köçek Mustafa Street no 1112 has been closed to traffic it was reported because of noise pollution.

The road passes between the beach and the Daphne Residence and Jiva Resorts Hotels at Koca Çalış both of which were also threatened by an unexplained bush fire last week.

sazlik-yangini-iha-The road has been a popular place for people to park their vehicles to enjoy the sea, picnic and play.

Calis Beach Fethiye - Home to Tourism and Turtle nests
Calis Beach Fethiye – Home to Tourism and Turtle nests

However, noise complaints, especially at night, were reported to be part of the decision to close the road.

The closure of the road by the Council appears to be the final part of a project that has seen vehicle access to the beach restricted by the building of pavement – kerbs and large parts of the public beach effectively turned into private sunbed areas for the hotels and policed by security guards.

The local TV company interviewed a number of locals and residents to obtain their views of the closure under the head line rich vs poor.

Views of course varied with some thinking it was all for the convinence of tourists whilst other agreed that the noise from cars at night was just too much.

The debate will no doubt continue.

Flash Flood and Fire

Saklikent flash flood Sep 2016

A storm raged in the mountains behind Fethiye last Sunday accompanied by thunder, lightening and torrential rain.

A tree was reported to have caught fire when it was struck by lightening in a village in the Seydikemer district.

The popular Saklikent gorge riverside restaurants were said to have suffered damage when a surge of flood water suddenly turned the calm river into a torrent.

There was no report of injuries to people.

A similar situation occurred in July 2014 when on that occasion tourists became trapped by rising flood waters in the canyon. Unfortunately that resulted in the death of two people and a number of injuries to those trapped and stranded by the rising waters.

Bayram Begins

Tourists flocked to the world famous Oludeniz resort last week during the three day Ramazan Bayram public holiday. Roads were packed
Tourists are expected to flock to the world famous Oludeniz resort this week during the Bayram public holiday. Roads are expected to be packed.

The Kurban Bayram (Eid Al-Adha) religious holiday takes place this year between 12 – 15 September.

But some workers will be lucky enough to to have a full nine day break thanks to the government extending the break this year.

Most of Turkey had already headed on to the roads to visit friends and family over the weekend with heavy congestion reported in all major cities and resorts.

Airports were also full to capacity with citizens taking to the skies too.

The director of a domestic tour company told the press that they had strong bookings for all their holidays.

Preparations were also underway for those who will be staying at home and celebrating in a more traditional way by sacrificing a goat, sheep or cow.

Livestock markets and public abattoirs have been set up in and around town and the sound of bleating is filling the air.

Mugla Council meanwhile is offering free travel on all its bus services over the Bayram.

Iyi Bayramlar

Hope That Social Media Could Help Clean Lovers Lane Litter

The Mayor of Fethiye Behcet Saatçi was pictured in the press last week pointing at litter.

It was all part of a campaign to highlight the work that the Council does to keep the so called Lovers Lane clean and tidy and also to make a request to the users of the area to report litter.

The area is a popular hang out for youngsters who drive up to the area to play music, eat and socialise.

However, they leave behind them litter and a despite daily clean up by council workers the situation is getting worse.

The Mayor said they will respond to litter reports sent via What’s App and other social media in a hope to keep the area tidy.

Fresh Bins for Bayram

Bin cleaning

Continuing the clean theme the Council started a programme of cleaning the hundreds of communal bins ahead of the Bayram.

The metal wheeled bins are a common sight around town.

Some have even been covered to make them easier on the eye.

The bins do take a lot of punishment each day and do get quite icky.

Teams were out with brushes and detergent to give the metal containers a good clean.

Zurna Festival A Success

The first Zurna festival took place last week in Fethiye and was reported to be a great success.

Performers of the traditional clarinet type instrument came from all over Turkey, the U.K., Greece, Bulgaria, France and other countries to take part in the three day event.

No More Fall Back and Spring Forward for Turkey

clock face

An official decision was made in Ankara last week for Turkey to have daylight saving time throughout the year. In other words, the will no longer be any changes to the time in October or April. Later this week Fethiye Times will run a story on how this could impact on daily life and tourism in the country.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 3.94 Turkish Lira by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 25 pence.

Last week it bought 3.88 TL.


The weather looks like this.


And finally

Last week the yacht the Guardian Newspaper ran the story Russian billionaire’s superyacht makes waves in London

Here’s the yacht anchored off our very own Oludeniz last year making very few waves but definitely wowing on lookers.

Super yacht