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Swimmer Rescued

UMKE vehicles

Fethiye medical rescue (UMKE) were called out on Saturday to help a man who had become stranded on rocks near Kabak.

The local press reported that the 43 year old man had got into difficulties whilst swimming after he was pushed into rocks by waves.

When friends of the man saw him pull himself on to rocks that we at the bottom of a steep cliff they called the 112 emergency line for help.

The rescue team had to make their way on foot through the forest to where the man was located and then made a 15 meter decent using ropes to the rocks below.

The first rescuer on the scene found the man to only have superficial injuries and so he was lifted by ropes back to the safety of the land above.

As was later taken to hospital for a precautionary checkup.

Migrants Intercepted

Turkish Coast Guard
Turkish Coast Guard

A boat carrying 69 migrants headed to the Greek island of Rhodes from Gocek was intercepted by the Turkish Coastguard on Thursday morning at 4am.

The local press reported that there were 69 people on board mostly of Afghan and Pakistani nationality.

The captain of the 7 meter boat, the ‘Aurora’, was arrested and will appear in court.

Rustlers Make Off With Farmers Goats

Fethiye's goat herds
Fethiye’s goat herds

Thieves stole livestock from an Eldirek smallholder last week.

The thieves were filmed on CCTV in a grey coloured Hyundai mini van as they made off with the smallholders prized goats.

Unfortunately the quality of the camera footage was so poor that the number plate of the van could not be made out.

Waste Oil Recycling Success

Oil recycling

Fethiye Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate (PETDER) has been working hard to protect the environment from our waste oils.

Last week Fethiye Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Manager Mahmut Bayrakdar shared the details of their performance over the last six months.

In that time they have recycled almost 33 tonnes of waste engine oils and cooking oils.

Fethiye Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Manager Mahmut Bayrakdar pointed out the dangerous pollution caused by waste oils that are not recycled.

He said:

“1 litre of waste motor oil can pollute 800 thousand liters of drinking water. If spilled on soil the waste oils will destroy crops. If waste oils are burned in an uncontrolled environment sulfur, chloride and metals will be released causing air pollution.

He also warned citizens to ignore myths that waste oils can be reused in other ways. Specifically he said:

“Waste lubricants and motor oils should not be added to vehicle fuel, used on the road as a dust barrier or painted onto a roof as a so-called waterproofing material. Otherwise, we may be faced with incurable health and environmental problems.”

He continued:

“So I would ask all our citizens to recycle all their waste oils. You can book a pick up by calling 444 90 82.”

Oil recycling truck

Turkish Money


The British Pound bought 3.88 Turkish Lira by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 26 pence.

Last week it bought 3.83 TL.


Weather week 28816

The weather for the week ahead looks like this.

And Finally

Flood damage

Further up the coast near Bodrum a burst water main caused a fair bit of damage to this area of hard standing on the Bodrum- Izmir road.

Reports said the leak was fixed quickly.

Looks like the clean up could take a bit longer though.