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Water Dispute Escalates

Mayor water glass

The Fethiye Mayor Behçhet Saatçi recently launched a scathing attack on the Muğla Metropolitan Council because they have hiked water prices.

The Mayor said that they had raised the price of water to 4.36 TL for residences, to 7.78 TL for offices, to 7.56 TL for construction sites and to 6.92 TL for government offices. In percentage terms the increase in price has been 423% for homes, 755% for offices, 734% for construction sites and 672% for government offices.

We ran the story and quotes from the Mayor in last weeks Fethiye Times News which you can read in full here here.

Last week Muğla Metropolitan Council water chief hit back at the figures presented by the Mayor and set out in detail why the water charges needed to increase in some detail.

Press articles reported that he said that costs had increased, more debt was to be repaid and that wages had increased by 33 percent due to the introduction of the new minimum wage in Turkey.

Petition Grows

Water meter
Water meter

Meanwhile residents who are unhappy with the level of the increase have been adding their name to a petition protesting about the price hikes.

The petition, which is available for anyone to sign outside the Cultural Centre in Fethiye, had gathered over 5,000 signatures by Tuesday last week.

Hollywood Actor on Blue Cruise

Hollywood actor Willem Dafoe, best known for his roles in the films Platoon and the Spider man series, flew into Bodrum, Milas airport with his family last week.

He was later snapped swimming on a beach near Bodrum.

The press reported that he was then due to board a yacht and sail down the coast via Datca, Gokova and then to Fethiye on what is known as the Blue Cruise.

Maltese Falcon Rests In Fethiye

Maltese falcon yacht

The amazing yacht Maltese Falcon visited Fethiye last week.

The 87 meter long yacht is almost as long as a football pitch.

One of it’s most striking features are the three massive masts that help to propel the yacht when under sail.

The local press reported that a Greek Business woman was aboard.

The yacht anchored off Sovalye Island and then later moved to Gocek Bay.

Turkish Money

The British Pound continued its loss in value against major currencies last week.

The British Pound bought 3.83 TL by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 26 pence.


The weather forecast for the week ahead looks like this.

Weather week 200816