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Republic day 2015

The failed coup of 15 July dominated the headlines and articles in the local, national and international press last week.

Many towns, including Fethiye, saw peaceful public gatherings protesting against the action.

The president, Mr Erdoğan who had been on holiday in Marmaris with his family told the Reuters news agency of his tense journey from the resort to Dalaman Airport and then by jet to Istanbul.

You can read the story here

State of Emergency Introduced

In response to the threat to national security a three month State of Emergency was introduced on Thursday.

Similar changes were introduced by France and Belgium after the Paris and Brussels attacks.

They provide emergency but temporary powers to detain suspects and protect the state from attack.

In the Reuters interview we linked to above, President Erdoğan was quoted as saying:

This state of emergency is not a curfew, people will still be on the street minding their own business and getting on with their daily life. It is a step that is taken to render daily life more functional in a short amount of time.

The President also said:

As you know, France declared an initial state of emergency for three months, then prolonged it for a second three months, and now they have prolonged for yet another three months. … So there is no obstacle in terms of prolonging it. … After three months we can ask for second three-month period and extend it.”

Implications for Holiday Makers

Official statements on tourism in Turkey since declaration of State of Emergency
Official statements on tourism in Turkey since declaration of State of Emergency

Last week saw the start of the English school holidays and the big annual summer getaway.

Fethiye Times asked tourism Chiefs to explain the current situation and provide information for holiday makers heading for Turkey.

We received responses from the local Fethiye branch of TURSAB – The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

You can read their responses in our Official statements on tourism since declaration of state of emergency  published on Friday.

Life Saver Bus Driver

Council Bus Town

A Fethiye bus driver is being hailed a hero after his quick actions helped to save the life of a female passenger who suffered a suspected heart attack.

The Mugla municipality bus on board cctv recorded the images as the woman boarded the bus, made her way to her seat and sat down.

But then a short time later she appeared to slump sideways.

The bus driver stopped the bus after a passenger raised the alarm.

After checking her condition he then drove the bus to the state hospital whilst calling ahead for assistance.

Help was waiting when the bus arrived and the woman received treatment.

She is now recovering.

Dalaman Airport Welcomed First Flight from Odessa

The first flight carrying Ukrainian tourists from the city of Odessa touched down at Dalaman Airport last week.

The charter flight joins others that have started to operate from Ukrainian cities this season.

Lucky Escape

Fethiye UMKE to the rescue
Fethiye UMKE to the rescue

A 21 year old student had to be rescued by members of the national medical rescue team (UMKE) last week when his walk to Butterfly Valley went horribly wrong.

The local press told the story.

The student from Istanbul was staying at a camp in the village of Faralya.

He suggested to his friends that he wanted to walk to Butterfly Valley.

His friends tried to dissuade saying that the path was too steep and dangerous to walk alone without the proper equipment.

But he ignored them and set off.

When his friends tried to call him later and he didn’t answer his phone, they raised the alarm.

The team of medical evacuation experts found the young man unconscious and with various wounds sustained from a slip and fall.

He was taken to hospital for treatment of his wounds.

His dented pride is said to need more time to heal though.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.02 TL by the close of trading on Friday.

A Lira for worth 25 pence.

Weather Week

The forecast for the week ahead looks like this.

Weather week 24716