Fethiye Times News – what has been going on in Fethiye and around the region over the last week.

Business as Usual

Peaceful Fethiye
Peaceful Fethiye

Turkey experienced a short-lived coup by a faction of the military on Friday night.

Most events happened in the cities of Ankara and Istanbul.

Many towns, including Fethiye, have seen peaceful public gatherings protesting against the action.

We visited Fethiye and Çalış on Sunday to see what the current situation is like and found it’s business as usual for residents and tourists visiting the town.

If you are planning on visiting Fethiye in the coming days and are a British passport holder click here and here for further information.

For passport holders from other countries please visit your own official websites.

We understand that flights to and from Dalaman Airport are virtually back to normal, apart for BA flights (please check their website) but recommend reading this story relating to extra time needed for security checks.

Peaceful Çalış beach
Peaceful Çalış beach on Sunday 17th July

Phone Bill Dispute Walk Out

A 60 year old man from Fethiye is appealing to his wife to come home after she left following an argument over a 450 TL phone bill.

The phone was a gift to his wife to celebrate their anniversary a few months ago.

Everything was going fine with monthly bills of 30 TL to 40 TL and the husband paying them off each time.

But when a whopping 450 TL bill arrived in July, tempers flared.

The wife walked out after a heated argument and the husband says she has not been back since.

The worried husband is now appealing for her to come back home and promises that he will pay the bill.

Let’s hope his plea works.

Campers May Pose Fire Risk

Fethiye's fire fighting helicopter heroes

Summer brings with it the high risk of forest fires and the potential devastation to property, people and the environment that comes with them.

Locals from the village of Kabak near Faralya are concerned that an influx of campers and their open fires could be posing a serious fire risk to the heavily forested area.

They say that over 100 tents are now pitched in the pine forests above the idyllic Kabak Bay.

Open fires are forbidden in forested areas at this time of year due to the risk of forest fires.

Locals have contacted the authorities for help and are awaiting their response.

Tourism Development


Çameli is a small town located in the mountains on the road from Fethiye / YesilUzumlu to Denizli.

The town is not on any tourist trail.

Last week a group of British tourists decided to stay there and use it as a base for their annual holiday.

The town mayor officially welcomed the group of five.

The local press asked members of the group what had attracted them to Çameli.

They said that the town offered a great base from which to explore the wonderful ancient site of Pammukale and to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains.

The mayor told the press that Çameli has plenty to offer tourists.

He also hoped that they can develop the town as a tourist destination just like Fethiye and Oludeniz.

Turkish Money

The British Pound jumped in value against the Turkish Lira on Friday as the markets reacted to the coup attempt.

The British Pound bought 3.98 TL by the close of trading on Friday after briefly passing the 4.00 TL mark.

It started the week trading at 3.75 TL.


Another hot and sunny week is forecast.

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