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Floating Supermarket Takes to Fethiye Waters

Migros floating supermarket

With over 1,500 branches and an online shopping service Migros supermarkets are a common sight in Turkey.

Last week they added a floating supermarket to their growing retail outlets.

The large motor yacht pictured above has been converted into a mini supermarket carrying 2,500 products including fruit, veg, bread, meat, drinks and pretty much anything else you could possibly want.


It has a cash machine and can accept all forms of payment too.

Migros have named the supermarket a ‘marine market’ and the staff will wear a nautical themed uniform to add to the ambience of shopping in the bay’s newest retail outlet.

It will ply the waters between Gocek and Fethiye offering yachts and other sea going folk an aquatic shopping experience between 9am to 7pm before returning to Fethiye where it will then berth and stay open until 10pm.

Tesco-Kipa sold a 95% share of their business to Migros further expanding their market share by 170 branches in 21 cities.

Bayram Brings Crowds to Fethiye

Bayram crowds in Fethiye
Bayram crowds in Fethiye

Hundreds of thousands of tourists descended on Fethiye and surrounding resorts last week for the three day Seker Bayram public holiday that marks the end of the month long Ramazan fast.

Saklikent Gorge was reported to have welcomed some 15,000 visitors in two days most of whom it was reported were trying to find some respite from the 40 degree heat.

The road in and out of Oludeniz was grid locked at one point as locals and visitors alike took to four wheels to grab some beach action.


Boat trips also reported that they were full to capacity over the Bayram period.

Bayram crowds in Fethiye
Bayram crowds in Fethiye

And Crashes Too

Inevitably with so many people travelling on the roads there were going to be collisions.

The local press reported of a number of collisions and unfortunately some fatalities during the holiday period.

Happy Holiday

The police carried out alcohol and other checks to ensure that commercial drivers were fit drive over the Bayram break.

The traffic police were out in force to keep the roads safe during the big holiday getaway too.

But they were not just enforcing. They were also wishing motorists a happy holiday by handing out chocolates to frazzled drivers who were wilting in the 40 degree heat.

Turkish Money

Not as bad as February
Not as bad as February

BREXIT + 17 days.

No let up in the selling of the Pound on world currency markets last week.

The British Pound ended the week buying just 3.74 TL down 13 percent from its pre BREXIT 4.28 TL.


It’s gonna be another hot week ahead.

Forecast below.

Weather 10jul16

And Finally

The recent terrible terrorist attack on Ataturk airport has seen an understandable tightening of security at airports around Turkey including our own Dalaman Airport.

Reports of long queues into the airport check point have been circulating social media all week.

If you are returning to Dalaman Airport after your holiday make sure you allow plenty of time to get through the additional security checks that vehicles entering the airport are now subject too.