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Sanctions Bite into Tomato Prices

Fethiye's Juiciest tomatoes
Fethiye’s Juiciest tomatoes

It was bad news for the thousands of tomato growers in the region last week when they learned that their latest crop could sell for just 10-15 kürüş per kilo.

It seems there are just too many tomatoes on the market and not enough buyers.

The domestic market supply has been met and there are just not enough countries to export to and take up the surplus red fruits since Russia banned the import or Turkish produce after the shooting down of one of its fighter jets along the Syrian border last year.

Some farmers are cutting their losses and selling in bulk to tomato paste producers.

One farmer interviewed by the local press said that he would now not be able to pay his debts by selling his crop and would have to look to sell one of his apartments.

Tourism Industry Calls for Longer Public Holiday to Boost Income

Tourism leaders came up with an idea to boost the flagging 2016 season last week by looking to the domestic tourism market.

They have proposed that the bank holiday at the end of Ramazan is extended to 9 days to encourage domestic tourists to pack their bags and head to one of the many currently almost empty coastal seaside hotels.

The press article featured a number of images of what would have been packed hotels at this time of year with just a few people wandering and lying around.

Security concerns and terror fears have discouraged many Europeans from taking a holiday to Turkey this year and the sanction imposed by Russia that banned its citizens from travelling to Turkey on package holidays have hit the industry hard.

Turkish Money

Turkish lira coins

The British Pound bought 4.21 TL by the close of the currency markets on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence.

Last month the Turkish Lira traded to a high of 4.38 TL and a low of 4.15 TL to the British Pound.

Tractor Topple Kills Wife

A tractor driving over a river bed in a village in the Seydikemer area overturned last week crushing the wife of the driver.

The husband who was driving was thrown away from the vehicle and survived.

Dispite his efforts he was unable to rescue his wife.

Tour Reps See Different Images of Turkey

Fethiye postcard 9

Around fifty tourism travel agency representatives from Belgium visited Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris and Ortaca on a week long tour of the area.

The local press caught up with them to ask how they found the area.

They were very positive. Many said that the reports in the press in Belgium had made Turkey out to be unsafe, but they felt very safe.

One of the representatives offered a good tip, don’t just show a picture of the hotel show the towns, villages and markets too as they are beautiful.

Many also added that they would be selling Turkey as a destination in 2017.

The Big Picture

Students gathered in the village of Ortakoy near Sydikemer last week to simultaneously draw pictures.

Some 522 primary students from 24 schools laid out paper and drew.

The organiser told the local press that art is often sidelined in favour of other academic subjects but it is an important element of our economy with graphic designers, architects and other professional needing these skills.

He hoped that the event would help raise awareness of those skills.


Looks like we could have some more unsettled weather over the next week.

Forecast below.

Weather week 4june16

And Finally

Remote Travels

A couple of anonymous females, judging from the perfect manicured hand in many of the pictures, from Fethiye are thought to be behind a travel picture blog that features….well…..the remote control of a standard Beko air conditioning system.

Here’s one of those pictures….remote travels indeed.

Remote travels