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British Woman Dies in Quad Bike Crash

Quad bike crash tragedy victim Amarna Lashaw
Quad bike crash tragedy victim Amarna Lashaw

A 21 year old woman Amarna Lashaw from Bakersfield died last week when the quad bike she was riding on as a passenger crashed.

The quad bike was being driven by her 24 old auntie and, according to the local press, was travelling below 25mph when it pulled over to let traffic pass but then toppled throwing both from the vehicle.

The Nottingham Post said the family, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, believe Amarna, who was wearing a helmet at the time, died instantly after hitting her head.

Her auntie survived the crash and was admitted to hospital for a fractured pelvis.

It seems the couple may not have been covered by holiday insurance as the family have set up a fundraising page on Just Giving to help with the cost of bringing Armana’s body home and to pay towards her funeral.

They are also raising money to pay for a flight which will allow her injured auntie to lie flat on her return to the UK.

Joint Operation

A cannabis farm in the Seydikemer area was seized by the security services last week.

They removed over 4,000 plants weighing in at over 600 kgs from a greenhouses.

The operation was completed after a tip off and over six months of surveillance.

A father and son have been detained.

Elsewhere in the press stories of sheep becoming dazed and confused after eating some of the crop started to do the rounds.

Even the British paper Metro picked up the story.

Antiquities Raider Arrested

Treasure hunter arrested with ancient finds

The Jandarama caught a person red handed last week when they tried to sell two ancient statues.

The person from Incirkoy had tried the negotiate to sell the statutes for 100 thousand TL.

The investigation continues.

Lycian tomb causes confusion

On a lighter note… Artist and sculptor, Ali Rıza Başarır, who lives in Fethiye, Mugla, spent about three months building a Lycian Sarcophagus in his Seydikemer workshop, which is about 25 kilometres from Fethiye. When it was completed, he loaded it onto a pickup to take it to the town.

Lycian tomb (1)

When local people saw the sarcophagus being transported along the roads, they immediately alerted the authorities, thinking it was an original historical artefact being stolen.

Having been tipped off by suspicious residents about a case of smuggling historical artefacts, they stopped the artist twice on the road back to Fethiye.

However, when they examined the 3.5 metre high and 3 metre wide sarcophagus, they realized it was actually made of polystyrene and the artist, together with his tomb were allowed to continue.

The sarcophagus was placed in front of Fethiye’s Cultural Centre for the Arts and Culture Festival…

When asked about being stopped by the police, Başarır’s only comment was that at least it must have looked authentic!

Visitor Numbers Down

Tourists packed the world famous Oludeniz Beach last week during the three day Ramazan Bayram public holiday
Busy Bayram July 2014

Turkish officials say the number of foreign visitors has declined by nearly 30 percent in April.

The Ministry of Tourism figures released last week showed that 1.75 million foreigners had arrived in Turkey last month, down from 2.43 million visitors recorded in April 2015.

Concerns about security, the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet, its border with Syria and British politicians EU BREXIT propaganda have created a media frenzy in the west that has deterred tourism to the once popular destinations.

The car parking team returned

Better late than never… Anyone parking in Fethiye these days will be fully aware that the car parking team returned, not that long after they were suspended from duty.

The car parking team are back...
The car parking team are back…

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.32 TL by the close of business on Friday evening.

A Turkish Lira was worth 23 Pence.


As we approach June it looks like the unsettled weather is behind us and the heat of summer just a few weeks away.

The forecast for the week ahead looks like this – sunny and getting much hotter.

Weather week 28 May 2016

And Finally…

Under Cover

Umbrella street Fethiye portrait

You may have walked down ‘Umbrella street’ one of the shopping streets in Fethiye and looked up at the lovely display of colourful umbrellas.

We spotted another shopping street with a similar display last week in Bath.

We suspect these umbrellas are for keeping shoppers dry rather than in the shade, as in Fethiye.

Bath shopping street umbrellas