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Festival Time

Stalls selling honey, herbs and other produce also opended today. This one specialises in Datca Honey.
Stalls selling honey, herbs and other produce were at the Anatolian Culture Fair

Last week saw a week of festivities, music, food and fun in Fethiye when the 9th music and culture festival took place.

The Anatolian Culture Fair was open all week offering a range of fantastic foods and gifts from all over Turkey.

The fair was officialy opened on Monday and the music festival began on Thursday.

Saturday saw the carnival parade wow the crowds.

Unfortunately torrential rain on Sunday meant the final evening of music had to be held inside.

Incirköy, Koroköy and Yeşilüzümlü say NO to another stone quarry

Despite Sunday’s bad weather, local residents gathered on the site to protest about plans to start another stone quarry in the neighbourhood.

People danced and waved placards in Turkish and English at what was a peaceful event.



Mystery of Missing Dad Continued Last Week

Try missing in Fethiye may 2016

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Troy Ross, a scaffolder from Seacroft, Leeds who was last seen on the night of Saturday 30 April leaving his hotel in the resort of Fethiye continued to feature in the UK and local press.

Troy and Deanna flew out to Turkey on Thursday, April 28, for a five-night stay at the Jiva Beach Resort hotel.

His partner Deanna last saw Troy when she left their room at about 8.30pm on Saturday 30 April to call on a friend who was also a guest at the hotel.

Troy, who had been drinking, was later caught on CCTV trying to break down the door of an empty room after locking himself out.

He then vanished.

On Sunday the local news started to run stories of a body found in a nearby 9 meter deep in a wooded area close to the hotel.

The local press aid that the body matched the description of Troy.

By the middle of the week West Yorkshire Police released a statement stating they were speaking with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the situation.

Death in Marmaris

On Thursday morning a British Tourist was found dead by his wife whilst staying in a hotel in Marmaris.

According to the press Mark James, 47, fell ill on Wednesday evening.

However, when medical emergency services arrived to help him he refused treatment.

Police are now investigating the death and have taken samples of a substance found in the room that they believe to be a narcotic supplied by a local pharmacy without prescription.

Scattering Ceremony

Harbour lights

A story about an Englishman who brought his wife’s ashes to Calis and then sprinkled them on the sea was featured in the press last week but also caused some controversy too.

John Ebbles and his wife from Bristol had been holidaying in Fethiye for over 17 years.

They had promised each other that should one of them die that they would wish their ashes to be sprinkled on their favourite Place in the world, in the sea off Calis Beach.

When his wife Sandra died recently it was time for John to fulfil the wish.

The local press accompanied the husband and his relatives as they took a boat out at sunset onto Fethiye Bay.

They scattered the ashes off Sovaliye Island and set a floating wreath free to float away in the ceremony.

The Muslim faith only recognises burial and not cremation and comments posted on one news site were critical of the ceremony.

Some saw the ashes as polluting the sea with human remains whilst others thought a deceased person should only be buried.

Fishing Boat Capsize One Dead


One man died and another survived after their fishing boat capsized when they were caught in a severe squall.

The two were fishing between Kabak and Faralya when their 7 metre boat was caught by the squall at around 3am and their boat flipped.

One of the men was able to swim ashore and raise the alarm.

The Coastguard later recovered the body of the second man from the sea. He was buried on Saturday.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.26 TL by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 23 pence.


Last week was predictably changeable for the time of year and Sunday saw rain for much of the day.

Next week looks a bit better though.

Weather 15may16

And Finally

Catching the air in Butterfly Valley: base jumping comes to Fethiye

The sport of BASE jumping has been hitting the local headlines recently thanks to the new platform that has been installed high above Butterfly Valley.

The recent event welcomed jumpers from all over the world.

But it seems the visiting jumpers are looking for other thrills too.

The local press reported that two Dutch and Turkish base jumper scaled the 68 meter mobile phone mast at the top of the Ovacik road to make a jump.

A video showed the three men climbing over the security fence climbing the mast and then jumping in turn and landing by the main road.

That’s Fethiye Times News for this week. See you next week.