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Mystery of Missing Dad

Try missing in Fethiye may 2016

Troy Ross, a scaffolder from Seacroft, Leeds was last seen on Saturday night leaving his hotel in the resort of Calis, Fethiye.

Troy and Deanna flew out to Turkey on Thursday, April 28, for a five-night stay at the Jiva Beach Resort hotel.

His partner Deanna last saw Troy when she left their room at about 8.30pm on Saturday 30 April to call on a friend who was also a guest at the hotel.

Troy, who had been drinking, was later caught on CCTV trying to break down the door of an empty room after locking himself out.

He then vanished.

He did not have his passport and only a small amount of money.

His partner Deanna flew home on Tuesday and told the press that she expected to find him waiting for her at Dalaman International Airport.

Deanna contacted Fethiye Times to ask for our help. We asked our Facebook friends to look out for the man.

Over 35,000 people were reached in that appeal and on Saturday a couple of positive identifications came through.

He had been spotted in Hisaronu in bars and according to one person he had been seeking a job.

The local Turkish press along with the Sun and the Express picked up the story on Saturday.

UPDATE – Sadly on Monday the Turkish press reported that a body matching the description of the missing Troy was found. Investigations continue.

Turtles Lay First Eggs

Loggerhead Turtle by Tahsin Ceylan
Loggerhead Turtle by Tahsin Ceylan

The nesting season for the Endangered Loggerhead Turtles started last week with the first turtles arriving on the regions beaches to,lay their eggs.

The beach at Iztuzu near Dalyan was the first to report nesting turtles.

The beach is a protected zone and also the location of a turtle rehabilitation centre for injured turtles.

Our very own Calis Beach, Fethiye is also a nesting zone for the endangered turtles.

Read more about the plight of the local turtles here Not to late to share local beaches and protect sea

Town Cut Off

Water pipe burst may 2016

A burst pipe repair left Fethiye citizens and business without water on Tuesday and into Wednesday last week.

The main feed that brings water from the mountains sprung a leak near the village of Oren.

Water operatives patched the pipe after working for five hours.

It took some time for the network to recharge the thousands of roof-top water tanks and depots.

Whilst the water supply was restored to many low lying areas by Wednesday morning those higher up in areas such as Tasyaka did not see their water start to trickle through until the late afternoon.

Youngsters Tackle Each Other

Fethiye Stadium welcomed students from the University sports league last week.

But the students were not there to play football but rugby.

Six men’s teams and four women’s teams scrummed down watched by a crowd of two thousand.

The organisers hailed the event a great success.

It seems Turkish Rugby or, Ragbi as the local press called it, could join the established country teams in the future.

Free Parking

Fethiye news cars on street

Last week Fethiye started to implement the abolition of on-street car parking charges following a successful court case against the county council.

The law number 5216 Law on Road Traffic Act 2918 forbids the charging for all on street parking spaces from April 29, 2016.

On Monday morning the familiar parking attendants were still collecting fees and directing motorists but by Tuesday all activity stopped.

The Mayor of Fethiye told the press that the money from the car parking was used to support the local football team Fethiyespor and that the loss of those funds was going to leave a black hole in their finances.

You can read our story about the changes What’s happening with Fethiye’s street parking charges?

Fethiye’s pelicans make the British Media

It seems that Fethiye has two new celebrities. Last week, the towns two resident pelicans, who have been written about several times in Fethiye Times, appeared in the Daily Mail, a popular UK tabloid. The two birds spend much of their time hanging out at a restaurant named after them and were filmed when they took a fancy to a rather startled customer.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.22 TL by the close of business on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence.


The weather was unsettled at times over the last week with thunder and downpours around the area.

Fethiye had its own mini storm on Wednesday morning but that soon cleared leaving a glorious sunny day.

Another storm passed through on Friday evening as featured in our leading picture above.

The weather for the week head looks like this.

Weather week 8 may16

And Finally

A view of Calis beach taken last Wednesday after the storm.



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