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Separate Tables

Many thanks for our headline photo this week, which was taken by Fethiye Times reader, Hilmi Toros. It seems that the town’s resident pelican’s enjoy dining out too but at separate tables…

Free On-Street Car Parking for Fethiye

Fethiye Times news cars on street

Last week Fethiye said goodbye to the on-street car park attendants.

Motorists will be pleased to hear that Muğla Municipality’s announced last week that all on-street car parking in Fethiye will be free under a new law that it has passed.

The law number 5216 on Road Traffic Act 2918 forbids the charging for all on-street parking spaces from April 29, 2016

The Municipality requests that motorists who are for asked payment should notify the law enforcement agencies.

Charges for off-street parking including private car parks if applicable will remain though.

Dog Dazers Distributed

Grrrrrrr---If I bite you may get Rabies or Tetanus. Beware!

The health and safety of emergency health workers featured in the local news last week when they were given an electronic gizmo that harmlessly repels aggressive dogs and cats.

The device emits an ultrasonic sound that only dogs and cats can hear. The sounds is so unusual to the animals that they are supposed to stop in their tracks.

The devices will form an essential health and safety tool to help staff who are confronted by aggressive dogs and cats when they are required to call at properties and premises where patients are located.

The press said that healthcare teams are facing the same problem all over the country and that the devices will be rolled out nationally to help protect staff.

Adrenaline Jump

Cengiz Kocak preparing for his jump
Cengiz Kocak preparing for his jump back in February when the platform was first installed.

The local press were at the scene of the setting up of a two day Base jumping event last week on the cliffs high above Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz, Turkey.

A camera crew recorded the setting up of the staging platform that would be used as the jumping off point.

The set up looked as much of an adrenaline sport as the actual base jumping.

The group of men manhandled the multi piece platform staging on the sheer cliff edge without harness, crane or safety nets and with just a firm grip on the back of each other jeans as security.

The event took place over two days and base jumpers from all over the world took part.

The organisers hope that the site will be come world famous in time and attract more and more adrenaline fans.

You can read more about the location in our article BASE jumping comes to Fethiye

Ballerinas Find New Homes

Fethiye Times News Ballerinas

In other Fethiye Times news the statues of four ballerinas were placed in the Ugur Mumcu park near the main war memorial earlier last week.

The ballerinas had caused controversy when they had initially been placed in the new Özgecan monument further down the promenade but then later removed.

You can read the full story Ballerinas Reach for the Sky in New Home (opens in new window).

More Fethiye Times News.

Tourism Fears

Over the mountains now to Antalya and the much talked about impact of terror attacks and security concerns on visiting tourist numbers was confirmed.

Tourism figures released last week for the first three months of 2016 stated that tourist arrivals were down 21 percent over the same period of 2015.

Of that Russian and German tourist numbers were down the most closely followed by French citizens. Visitors from the U.K. were reported to have reduced by 15 percent.

Russia introduced sanctions on travel by its citizens to Turkey on 1st January this year.

Bucking the trend were Israeli tourists whose numbers jumped from 4,000 to 16,000.

Fethiye Times News Spring Cleaning Continues

There were further preparations for the opening of the 2016 tourism season last week with plenty of hammering, banging, hoeing, trimming and painting going on along the sea front and in and around town.

The beach parasols and sun beds were laid out on Calis Beach.

Fethiye Times news Calis beach parasols

TURMEPA and the Travel Foundation continued their operation spring clean with more volunteers taking to the shore lines to collect trash washed up and blown around.

Fethiye Times news beach cleaning volunteers bag litter

The Tour Rolled Out of Town

Fethiye Times news tour of turkey 2016

Saturday saw the Tour of Turkey cyclists set off to Marmaris for stage 7 of the 52nd Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey.

A large crowd turned up to cheer them off led by Fethiye resident, Alex Askin, see here on his specially adapted hand-cranked recumbent cycle.

Alan Askin leading the race...
Alan Askin leading the race…

To give our readers an idea of the event, here is a video made by Fethiye Times reader, Gareth Patten, for which many thanks.

52nd Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey: Start of Fethiye to Marmaris leg from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

Young hopefuls join the 'big' team
Young hopefuls join the ‘big boys’ team

Turkish Money

The British Pound ended the week buying 4.08 TL.


The forecast looks a bit changeable for the week ahead.

Fethiye times news

Getting Ready for the Forest Fire Season

Fethiye Times news fire tender

With the forest fire season just around the corner Mugla Municipality Fire Department has been deploying fire tenders to outlying villages in the area.

The red tenders can be towed by tractor to fires as first responder and prevent small or larger fires from spreading until the rest of the fire service arrives.

The Municipality has distributed 74 tenders in total.

Fethiye Times News… And Finally

Fethiye Times Facebook page readers loved this image we snapped in Calis earlier this week.

Mobile villa anyone?

Fethiye Tumes news mobile home



  1. I am sure many people will be cheered by the news of the free parking. it will certainly save motorists and few Lira and may attract more people into town. But without the control it feels like we could return to the bad old days when workers vehicles parked up all day limiting spaces for shoppers or vehicles parked so badly the police had to come along and move the inconsiderate drivers vehicles We could be in for a congested time ahead.

  2. I have mixed feelings regarding the new free parking arrangements. For a start it puts many people out of jobs. It will start the treble parking again by selfish people who don’t want to walk more than a few steps from their vehicles. It will probably start the pavement parking again too! I have been very pleased to have the parking attendants on duty as they are also very helpful when drivers are reversing
    into the road. Although I do not own a vehicle and accompany friends who do but have always been pleased to pay the small charge. It keeps Fethiye safer and running more smoothly in my opinion.

  3. I have to agree with Laura. Doesn’t sound like it’s been properly thought through. Hope it works out ok.

  4. On visiting Fethiye this morning we were dismayed by the amount and nature of hassle we received by the shop owners in the back streets.
    We understand the downturn in visitors but will not return if we are not going to be treated with respect and courtesy.There is a difference between gentle nudge and bantor to the heavy handed and hostile nature of the hassle we received.
    Last we spent between £130 and £140 on gifts and trinkets….this year nothing….