Our weekly round up of the Fethiye news.

In the week when the Prime Minister Mr Cameron forgot to tell the world about his Panama connection and in an unprecedented move then published his tax returns life in Fethiye continued.

British Couple Rescued

Search and rescue experts AKUT were called into action last week when a British couple Irene Pittaway and Patrick McSweeny got lost whilst hiking in the local area.

The couple in their 60s were walking between Fethiye and Kayakoy when they became disorientated.

The local press reported that the couple called a Turkish friend to ask for help.

The friend then sensibly called in the experts to locate them.

AKUT, the search and rescue experts, were soon on the scene and located the couple within and hour and led them to safety.

Speaking to reporters Patrick said they lost their way near the Hillside Hotel area on their way from Kayakoy. He said they had walked 32 km that day and were very tired and so relived when they were found.

He thanked everyone for helping rescue them.

AKUT Annual Report

AKUT on their way to Nepal
AKUT on their way to Nepal

AKUT who were first established in 2010 were in the news again last week when they published a summary of the work they have done.

They have completed 87 operations, rescued 66 people, 17 goats, 2 turtles and one sea gull.

They have also completed over 118 school seminars to 23,000 students raising the profile of the work they do.

The team rely on donations and the local Lions, Rotary, AFAD, Fethiye Council, the department for Education and other members of the public have all chipped in.

A worthy cause that needs support!

Another Killing Sparks Fears

A shepherd was found shot dead near the Akgöl village, Seydikemer on 3 April.

This is the third shepherd to have been shot in the area over the last month.

On March 9th a husband a wife shepherd team were found shot dead on a remote mountain track under the Mendos mountain by two off-road motorcycling enthusiasts.

The local press reported that the man had been shot in the chest and his wife in the back.

The series of killings with no apparent motive or suspects has left residents and the security services concerned.

The area governor announced that the local security services have put together a special team to investigate the murders and hope to find the perpetrator(s) soon.

Police Mark 171 Years


Turkish Police celebrated their 171st anniversary last week with national and local events stated including awards ceremonies and recognition of the work they do.

There was also a reminder and remembrance of the officers who have died in the line of duty including those killed in terrorist attacks.

Fraud Warning

During the week of Police celebrations in Fethiye a play was staged at the Fethiye Love House that warned citizens of the dangers of telephone fraud.

The actors were local students and the message was simple – don’t trust strangers that call claiming to be officials asking you to transfer money to a bank account you don’t know.

The Chief Of Police attended the play and spoke with the press.

He thanked the students for their play and for helping them to spread the word and warn citizens about the growing menace of telephone fraud.

Turkish Money

It was another tough week for the British Pound as fears of a BREXIT and weak economic data took a further shine off the currency.

During the week the Turkish Lira fell below the 4.00 TL hurdle for a brief moment on Thursday before settling at 4.02 TL.

The tourist rate is now sitting at 3.74 TL according to the latest quote from Barclays Travel Money.


It looks to be warming up once this rain has passed.

Weather week 9april16

And Finally

Listing Gulet Fethiye promenade

Fethiye said goodbye to the sunken Gulet tied up on the promenade that has been slowly decaying over the last year or so.

Last week a crane and trucks turned up and broke her up.

The local press reported that over 30 tonnes of wood, debris and other stuff were removed.

What’s On

Mushroom Festival – 15 – 17 April 2016, Yesiluzumlu, Fethiye, Turkey.

Mushroom festival 2016 poster

The Fethiye Festival starts on the 8th May. More details can be found at the festival site Fethiye Festival.