Our Fethiye Times weekly round of the Fethiye news.

Barbie Sent to Breakers

Image - AA
Image – AA

Barbie the luxury yacht that was destroyed when a fire swept through her and an adjoining boat in a Maramaris marina in January was towed to the breakers yard last week.

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The yacht was towed to Aliaga for scrapping.

That is the same scrapyard where HMS Ark Royal was sent to be ‘turned into tin cans’ in 2013.

Tour of Turkey to Visit Fethiye Again in 2016

Davide Rebellin - race leader - takes a few moments out in Fethiye to get his shoes polished...
Davide Rebellin – race leader – takes a few moments out in Fethiye to get his shoes polished…

The Tour of Turkey cycle race, also know as the Presidential Tour, will visit Fethiye again this year according to the local press.

They also announced that the cyclist will retake a new route this year venturing into the spectacular and unique landscape of Cappadocia before heading down the Alanya via Konya and on to Marmaris via Elmali.

The official website has not been updated for the proposed route so we do not have official details yet.

Police, Camera, Action

Fethiye Police and Oludeniz Jandarama were quick to apprehend and charge a bag snatching scooter rider last week.

Fethiye Police unveiled their new traffic camera network monitoring system to Fethiye news reporters last week.

The state of the art system consists of 28 cameras that are located in 19 strategic points across the town including entry/exit roads, the Mugla interchange near the bus station, various locations in the town centre and other strategic locations.

The techno system features high resolution cameras that can read number plates from some distance and in the dark too so motorist will not be able to hide from their glare.

The Police are also planning to expand the system and are actively seeking bidders to increase it to a further 66 locations.

A police spokesperson said that the new system can be used to issue fines to persons recorded violating traffic rules including scooter riders who do not wear helmets, red light jumpers and others who flout the rules of the road. The first they will know that they have been snapped and fined is when they receive a letter to their address.

Sterling Pounded

BREXIT fears

The British currency took a pounding on the international currency markets on Friday falling in value against most currencies including the Turkish Lira.

The British Pound bought 4.01 TL by the close of trading on Friday.

Back in September 2015 the Pound bought 4.71 TL.

Noisy Exhausts Crushed

The Police were back in the Fethiye news headlines when they carried out an exercise in noise control.

The police have been cracking down on motorists who have been modifying their cars with noisy exhausts and other engine modifications because residents have been complaining about the noise.

Last week they laid out all of the car parts removed from offending vehicles over the last year on a road and got a road roller to drive over them.

The crushed parts were then sent for recycling.

Bike Carriers Fitted to Buses

Some buses operated by the regional council are having bike carriers fitted.

The carriers will enable bus users to bike n bus to their destination rather than drive.

The carriers will also enable those who want to tour the area to get a lift to their starting point and return, or skip a difficult section of road and go touring.

Weather Week

Weather week 3 April 16

It’s starting to warm up with temperatures forecast to heat up to 27 degrees in the bright sunshine next week.

The UV rating is expected to be very high next week too so slap on the sun cream, grab a hat and cover up if you are venturing outside.