Fethiye News

Our weekly round of the Fethiye news.

Dust Storm Swept Over Fethiye

A dust cloud settled over FETHIYE and area on Wednesday making the town very gloomy, but by the following day the sun was out again.

This kind of dust storm is no stranger though, as it takes place around the same time every year and it was almost to the day last week.

The Turkish storm calendar, a local almanac of weather events, records it as a notable weather event too.

Greenhouses Damaged by Storm

Many greenhouses in the area were ravaged by the strong winds that accompanied the weather system, as it tore through the area.

Plastic was shredded and weaker greenhouse structures flattened damaging crops and property in the process.

Forest Fire Destroyed 10 Hecatres

The storm was also blamed for fanning a forest fire near the area known as the Seven Capes, a remote coastal area between Oludeniz and Patara.

The local press reported in the FETHIYE news that over 100 people helped to extinguish the fire.

Parking Solutions Discussed

traffic jam

Anyone who has driven into the centre of FETHIYE will know how difficult it can be to find a parking space at certain times of the day.

With thousands of cars driving into town each day and hunting for that elusive space the resulting congestion has become acute.

FETHIYE Council has been looking at options to ease the parking problems in FETHIYE and last week it met with engineers from the regional council to discuss solutions.

The preferred option seems to be for a multi-level car park to be built.

Hamza the Turtle Found Dead

loggerhead sea turtle www.nmic.org

In more Fethiye news a popular resident of the harbour Hamza the loggerhead turtle was found dead last week.

The large turtle had lived in the harbour for years feeding on titbits of fish thrown into the water as the fishermen cleaned their nets.

The local press reported that Gulet captains were upset when they heard the news of the death saying that the turtles were a mascot for the area.

The local press suggested that the turtle had been strangled by discarded nylon fishing line.

Spring Motocross Event

Fethiye gears up for Enduro off-road motorcycle championship

A two day motorbike fest begins on 9th April for two days in FETHIYE.

Riders from all over Europe will roar into the area to take part in what is now a regular motocross event.

They will pit man and machine against the tough purpose built course at Esen and also some of the toughest forest and mountain tracks that surround the area.

Turkish Money

Turkish lira coins

The British Pound bought 4.06 TL by the close of business last week continuing its decline against the currency.

In January the British Pound bought as much as 4.40 TL.

A Turkish Lira is now worth 25 pence.


Weather week 23 March 16

Last week saw some of the strangest seasonal weather events of the year with a dust storm and gales all in one week.

The picture of the sky above was taken at the height of the dust storm.

Next week is forecast to be settled, sunny and getting warmer.

FETHIYE Diary Dates

FETHIYE bike week 2016

FETHIYE motocross 9-10 April 2016, various locations.

The annual Uzumlu Mushroom festival takes place Friday 15 to Saturday 16 April

Fethiye 3 day Bicycle Festival starts on 22.4.2016