Our weekly round of the Fethiye news continues.

Getting Ready for the Tourist Season

Spring flowers by a Lykian Tomb
Spring flowers by a Lykian Tomb

Employees of Fethiye museum grabbed rakes and brushes last week to give the towns various ancient sites a spring clean.

The spruce up teams bagged rubbish and trimmed plants.

One of the cleaning team told the local press that it was embarrassing just how bad the rubbish situation had got.

He said that tourists who visit and take photos of the ancient sites would have their photos split by the litter strewn nearby.

To see rubbish and litter in those photos is bad for the image of Fethiye and the area.

Tomb Raiders

amyntas rock tomb closer

The Spring spruce-up also extended to the various rocks tombs including the iconic Amintas tomb that looks out over Fethiye bay.

A team of cleaners cleared litter and even hosed out the ancient tomb to wash away the winter detritus.

It took two trucks to take away the rubbish gathered during the 8 hour Spring spruce up.

Rescue at Butterfly Valley

Fethiye UMKE to the rescue

The emergency medical rescue team UMKE were called to Butterfly Valley last week after a 23 year old Egyptian man was injured after falling whilst became trying to scale the steep cliffs of the beauty spot.

The UMKE team took 4 hours to rescue the man and deliver him to a waiting boat and then ambulance.

The man who lives in Istanbul was visiting the area with his friends when he fell whilst climbing and sustained injuries.

His friends tried to call the emergency services but they could not get a signal on their phone.

So they shouted for help.

Luckily their shouts for help were heard by Faralya villagers who raised the alarm.

The man is said to be recovering well.

Fire Extinguished

Mugla fire service

Fire crews extinguished a fire that took over the top story of an unoccupied apartment block in the Tuzla district of Fethiye last week.

Three fire crews attended the fire at the property that is located on 524 street and took them 45 minutes to extinguish it.

The resident of the flat returned from work after hearing the news to find his home ruined.

The Dalaman Weekend Project

An initiative to attract weekend tourists from the capital Ankara and the city of Istanbul was launched last week.

The Dalaman Weekend Project is trying to attract domestic weekend tourists to visit the area by promoting the easy links and variety of great things to do in the area.

Anadolu and Pegasus airlines are key players and are promoting the weekend beaks as part of a package.

The project was launched at Dalaman Airport.

The airport general manager told the press that weekend beaks are an ideal way to take a short break without using too much annual leave and they are aiming them at the 35+ age group.

He said that the three day two night packages will allow travellers to be back at work on Monday.

He also said that they have set up a dedicated website to offer customers the packages and an easy way to book, fly and stay.

The packages range in cost from 299 TL to 499 TL per person and include flights, accommodation and breakfast.

He said that they do not include dinner to encourage visitors to get out and try the local lokantas, restaurants and other eateries.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.13 Turkish Lira by the end of trading on Friday 2 kurüs lower than last week.

A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence

Climate of Change

Fethiye Floods 3

The climate in Turkey will be hotter, drier and less predictable with significant weather events occurring more frequently in future according to a report that was presented to the Turkish government last week.

The report asks the government to recognise the implications of climate change and plan accordingly.

It’s a heads up for all of us too to prepare our homes and protect ourselves from these increasing unpredictable but significant weather events.


After a grey and dull week the forecast for the week ahead looks like this.

And Finally

Fethiye built Mega Gulet MS Royal Admiral takes to the water

The launch of the largest wooden yacht every built in the Fethiye boat years went unnoticed by the press last week.

But we were on site to watch this historic event.

Watch the video and see the pictures in our article FETHIYE- built mega Gulet MS Royal Admiral takes to the water.

Next Week


Memorial iwd 2016

It’s International Women’s Day on Tuesday.

A memorial will be opened on the the promenade near to the fisherman’s marina at an event at 15:00.