Our weekly round of the Fethiye news continues.

In the week when the UK announced it was going to the polls to decide on its future with the EU and we found our favourite chocolates including the iconic Mars bar could be contaminated with plastic, Fethiye life continued on.

Memorial to be Unveiled on International Women’s Day

Memorial 02 2016

A new memorial that is under construction situated on the Fethiye promenade is to be officially unveiled on International Womens Day the 8th March.

The memorial is in memory of Özgecan Aslan a young girl who was raped and killed by a bus driver in the Mersin area of Turkey.

The mayor of Fethiye Behçet Saatçi visited the construction work last week and told the press the plans for opening on the 8th and explaining why the memorial is so important to raise awareness and help to stop the abuse of women in the country.

Russian Caught Red-Handed was on Interpol list

A Russian citizen was caught red-handed in Fethiye by a hotel official when he sneaked into the hotel at night and stole two bottles of drink.

According to official reports, 34-year-old Sergey S. crept into a hotel at about 01:00 hours and stole two bottles of alcoholic drink.

This was caught on the hotel security cameras which staff on duty saw.

They rushed to the scene and jumped on Sergey S. before he could escape catching him red-handed with the booze.

They called the police who arrested him.

During the investigation it was established that Sergey S. had been living in Turkey for 14 years and had been on Interpol’s wanted list for the previous five months.

Sergey S. was taken to court were he was charged and given a prison sentence.

The press filmed the battered and bruised man as he was led from the court to his prison transport.

Fethiye Commemorates Namesake

The Fethi Bey Statue in Fethiye
The Fethi Bey Statue in Fethiye

The 102 anniversary of the death of the Turkish aviator Fethi Bey was marked on Saturday.

You can view images of the event in our gallery here.

New Bakery Opened

Baba firin opening

The mayor of Fethiye Behçet Saatçi was in the press again later in the week when he opened a new bakery.

The Baba Firin bakery is located in Tasyaka.

Baba Firin shop

Goat Rescue

AKUT team
AKUT team

A five person team of mountain rescue experts from AKUT were called on by a shepherd to rescue his stranded goat last week.

The goat had got stuck up on a rock ledge above the Fethiye Castle and had been stranded for 10 days according to the reports

It took the team of five four hours to climb up and coax the goat from its remote rock ledge.

Cost to Paraglide is Reduced

Paragliding in 2015 was a record for Babadağ
Paragliding in 2015 was a record for Babadağ

It was announced last week the the world famous Babadag paragliding experience, which launches from the mile high mountain for a 40 minute flight and finished on the beach at Oludeniz, will be cheaper for operators.

The company that holds the rights to charge each Paraglider that launches from the mountain has reduced the entrance fee payable by paragliders from 18 TL to 10 TL.

The discount will continue until the 18 May 2016.

The reduced entrance fee was welcomed by the pilot cooperative spokesperson who told the press that it would make a great contribution to the local economy.

The discount has arisen because of a package of financial and other support announced by the government to help the struggling Turkish tourism industry hit by the Russian ban on package holidays to Turkey and the down-turn in bookings.


Sunny, wet and cooler pretty much sums up the weather for the week ahead.

Weather week 28 Feb 2016

Turkish Money

BREXIT fears

Sterling had its worst week in eight years as fears about a BREXIT and another interest rate rise in the USA weighed on foreign currency speculators decisions see our article Pound Plummets on BREXIT Threat.

The Pound slid to 1.38 USD during the week a level not seen since the depths of the financial crisis back in 2008.

The Pound also lost value against the Turkish Lira and it bought 4.07 TL at one point on the 25 February pushing the tourist rate below 4.

The Pound bought 4.15 TL by the close of trading on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence.

And Finally

Grace carter
Grace Carter

We said goodbye to Grace Carter last week.

Grace, who was one of the founding members of the charity FIG, had lived in Fethiye for 15 years.

We will publish her obituary tomorrow.