Our weekly round of the Fethiye news continues.

In the week when a deadly earthquake toppled buildings in Taiwan, New Zealand celebrated Waitangi Day and North Korea sent a rocket into space Fethiye basked in winter sun, had a tremor of its own and said goodbye to Barbie.

Summer to Winter

The sunny and calm weather have way to snow on Saturday as a weather front passed over the area.

Whilst Fethiye felt the precipitation as rain at higher altitudes it soon turned to snow.

The local media featured images of the higher mountain roads covered in a snow and even a tractor stuck in the white stuff.

Fethiye Tremor

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4 occurred in Fethiye last Tuesday.

The quake was estimated to have originated some 8km below ground.

The local media reported that some people felt the tremor but that no damage occurred.

Tourists Flock to Winter Flights

Paraglidng record for Babadağ
Paraglidng record for Babadağ

It’s business as usual for many of the local paragliding companies this winter thanks to a steady stream of tourists who visit the area to sample the unique flight experience.

The local media interviewed tourists from South Korea who took tandem paragliding flights from Babdag last week.

Whilst they could not take off from the highest ‘mile high’ launch site due to ice and snow they were able to take off from one of the new lower altitude launch spots that were opened a few years ago and glide down to the beach below.

The local media also interviewed one of the paragliding pilots who takes tourists on the amazing flight.

He said that whilst the winter weather does restrict the number of days that he can fly with the new lower altitude launch pads and the periods of calm warm days, such as those last week, make up for that.

Now that Oludeniz is firmly on the tourist trail for young Chinese and Asians wanting to take the popular flight it seems an all year tourist season has finally arrived.

Fire Training for Garage Staff

The local Fire service held a training event for staff at the Shell fuel station Ovacik last week.

The local media were at the event to watch the training in action.

The staff were put through their paces on how to extinguishing various fires, evacuate personnel and other important fire prevention techniques.

The chief of the local fire service told the local media that this type of training is essential for high risk locations such as petrol stations and the like where the hazards are high.

He hopes the training will minimise the fire risk and protect us all from the damage it can cause.

“Barbie” Taken to Izmir

Image - AA
Image – AA

The charred shell of the 25 million Euro yacht Barbie that was destroyed by fire a few weeks ago was removed from its mooring in Marmaris last week.

The yacht was destroyed after fire took hold.

The hull was towed to the Aliaga ship yard in Izmir where it will be dismantled.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.24 Turkish Lira by the close of business on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence.


Weather 6 Feb 16

The weather for the week ahead.

Watch out for some heavy rain on Thursday.

And Finally

Andrew Anastasios interview - The Water Diviner

You can see the old Greek village at Kayakoy and the ancient ruins of Tlos in a new light in the Russell Crowe film the Water Diviner.

The film, which is all about the Gallipoli campaign, is now available on Amazon.

Members of Amazon Prime video can download or stream the film as part of the inclusive Prime package.

More details about the film can be found in our article The Water Diviner: exploring the tales behind the story