Our weekly round of Fethiye news and stories from the area continues.

In the week when Scotland and Northern England was battered by storm Gertrude and we said goodbye to Sir Terry Wogan, Cecil Parkinson and Colin Vearncombe of 1980s band Black, Fethiye was deep in the grips of the Mediterranean winter.

Sub Zero

Wood burning stoves (soba) were used to keep tomatoes from freezingntv.com.tr
Wood burning stoves (soba) were used to keep tomatoes from freezingntv.com.tr

The weather once again dominated the local news last week as cold air and sub zero night time temperatures gripped the area.

Fethiye and area vegetable farmers were featured in the local media keeping night long vigils to keep frost at bay from their vines.

It’s a tough job as the basic oil drum fashioned wood fired heaters need regular refuelling.

Turquoise Coast Partnership Spreads Word at Tourism Fair

Tourism fair

The cold weather turned to thoughts of the summer and the 2016 tourism season later in the week when the media covered the 20th Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Fair held in Istanbul.

The mayors of Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum attended and were pictured together for an article all about their tourism partnership.

The mayor of Bodrum Mehmet Kocadon told the media that the fair is a great opportunity to spread the word about our beautiful area and that the towns of Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum were working together under the Turquoise Coast brand.

He said that the domestic tourism market was very important to the area and that they were hoping to attract more citizens from other areas of Anatolia too in 2016.

With over 1,000 foreign journalists attending the event the images and benefits of a holiday to the Turquoise Coast will be spread far and wide.

Keeping the Taps Running


The regional water board was featured in the local press last week.

The Muğla Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (MUSKI) as they are known explained to the media all about the work they do to keep local water supplies running through good weather and bad.

They explained that they have a rapid response team that will respond to water leaks to ensure they are repaired as soon as possible so as to minimise any disruption to water supplies.

They also said that they have been redesigning certain part so the water network to ensure better reliability and supply.

The press interviewed one member of the rapid repairs team who said that his years of experience working with the local water network really comes in handy in spotting and repairing leaks.

He said keeping the taps running is our no 1 priority.

Turkish Money

The British Pound continued its downward journey against the Turkish Lira last week ending the week buying 4.21 TL.

A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence.

Weather Week

The week ahead looks dry, warm in the day but cool again at night.


And Finally

The central mosque in Fethiye
The central mosque in Fethiye

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