The annual increases to Turkish taxes were announced on 1st January 2016 with tobacco, fuel, alcohol and vehicle tax bearing the brunt of the state tax take.

Motor vehicle tax, stamp duty and property tax will all go up by 5.8%.

The special tax on the purchase of new cars will also increase with the price of an typical car rising by some 3,000 TL.

Diesel is set to rise by 9 kuruş closing the gap between the higher taxed petrol.

The tax on alcohol has also increased with 15% added to the the price of lager and 10% on other drinks such as wine and the national drink Rakı.

The increase could see a can of lager tip over to 6TL (£1.40).

A bottle of Angora wine could rise to 22 TL (£5.10).

A bottle of Turkish gin is likely to increase to rise to 60 TL (£14) and imported to 83 TL (£19).

The tax on tobacco has also gone up. The cheapest packet of 20 will now be more than 6 TL (£1.40).

Electricity prices are also set to rise by 6.8%.

The special tax on mobile phone is set to rise by 30%.


  1. I guess the government must be short of cash but tax hikes are likely to reduce the number of visitors to Turkey. The new electricity company’s increases are driving me to photo voltaic energy.