Our weekly round of the local news for Fethiye and area continues.

Happy New Year

In the week when we all welcomed 2016 Fethiye was enduring a cold northerly wind and sub zero temperatures for the first time this winter.

Our headline photo shows Fethiye enjoying clear blue skies, pleasant daytime temperatures, and calm seas for the first days of 2016 but this is forecast to change on Monday.

Frosty End to 2015

The temperatures plummeted to below zero last week for the first time this winter.

Farmers spent their nights in their greenhouses to keep their wood fired heaters going to keep the frost away from their crops.

Icy weather was the order of the week… This was Kayaköy

Citizens dusted off their solid fuel heaters and cranked up the thermostats to high to warm their homes and work places.

The traffic police warned drivers to watch out for ice.

The weather is set to warm up later this week though. See our weather forecast for more about that later.

Forestry Commission Hands Out 3,000 Saplings


Fethiye is already a green and pleasant land but it looks like it is going to get a little greener in 2016.

Fethiye Forestry Commission handed out 3,000 saplings to citizens as part of its new year planting programme.

The plants included walnut, oleander, broom, pine, liquid Amber and more.

Citizens flocked to grab a plant or three and help the cause.

Now who doesn’t like a freebie for the garden!

Wild Fire

A bushfire that broke out in the village of Karadere area near Fethiye destroyed more than 50 hectares of reeds and woodland before it took out a couple of greenhouses too.

A strong wind fanned the flames causing the fire to spread quickly.

Forestry commission firefighters attended the scene and managed to extinguish the blaze.

Nobody was hurt in the incident but property was damaged.

Wild fires are rare at this time of year.

The Jandarma are investigating the cause of the fire

Firework Suspects Sought

The fire service was called to Karatas Beach, Yaniklar in the early hours of New Year when a large brush fire was reported.

The local press reported that the flames from the fire could be seen from Fethiye and jumped as high as 5 meters into the sky.

It took the two teams comprising 15 persons from the forestry fire service an hour to extinguish the fire.

Local reports blamed fireworks set off by new year revellers on the beach.

A car was seen leaving the scene of the fire and the Jandarma are reported want to talk with the occupants as to how the fire was started.

House Fire Kills Two Boys

Fire continued to make the headlines last week.

But in this case it was a tragic story of two brothers who were killed in a house fire that it is suspected was caused by a faulty electric heater.

The parents of the 2 and half year old and 7 year old brothers were out of the house at the time and were keeping a frost vigil over their greenhouse during the sub zero cold snap.

The local press reported that neighbours of the house, that is located in Kumluova, raised the alarm when they saw flames.

On hearing the news the parents rushed back but were unable to rescue the boys.

The fire service extinguished the fire but it has gutted the the two storey stone house.

The bodies of the brother were later recovered.

The exact cause of the fire is being investigated.

Fire destroys Two Homes

It was more fire news later in the week when two homes were destroyed by fire in a small village outside Seydikemer.

The occupier of one of the homes told local reporters that his wood fuelled heater, known as a Soba, had caused sparks that then started a fire in the room.

The fire quickly spread through the house and into the neighbouring property.

Fire crews from Fethiye and Seydikemer were on the scene quickly but both homes were destroyed.

New Year Mashed

There were a number of road traffic incidents following the New Year celebrations reported in the local press.

Most reporters suggested that alcohol may have played a part to impair the driving skills of the drivers.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.30 Turkish Lira by the close of business on New Years Eve.

The Turkish Lira was worth 23 pence.

The Weather for the Week Ahead

Weather week 2 Jan 16

The cold snap of last week is forecast to go and be replaced by a warmer but moister airflow.

Rain is forecast from today (particularly heavy on Monday early morning) and it will continue throughout the week.

That rain will fall as snow at higher altitudes and we could therefore see our first proper accumulations of snow on the mountains surrounding Fethiye (There has only been a dusting up until now).

Temperatures could hit a high of 16 degrees at sea level but with the cloudier skies it will probably feel cooler than that.


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