Our weekly round of the local news for Fethiye and area.

A Sunny Christmas Day

Whilst Friday was just a normal day in Fethiye it was a day of celebration for many expats, relatives and some holiday makers who made the trip to the area for the festive period.

They were treated to a lovely sunny day to accompany their festive Turkey dinners.

Exercise in Violence


People strolling along the Fethiye promenade on Christmas Eve may have witnessed a violent crime when a man struck his partner and then the woman stabbed him all in broad daylight and in front of many witnesses.

The medical services and crime forces were soon on the scene to arrest the attacker and administer first aid to the injured.

But this wasn’t a real crime but a scenario acted out to highlight the dangers of domestic violence and violence against women.

The event was organised by the regional health board and supported by paramedics from the local Lokman Hekim hospital.

The whole scenario was recorded and aired on new websites and local TV to raise awareness.

Prison Fire

Fethiye prison

A fire broke out in the 663 capacity Fethiye prison last week.

The fire service was called to the Seydikemer location to extinguish the blaze.

Two inmates and an officer were taken to hospital for treatment.

Woman Dies in Collision


The local press reported that a 39 year old mother of two died when a car collided with her as she crossed the main D400 at the Camkoy junction around 7pm on Christmas Eve.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested.

The image above was taken before the pedestrian bridge was built that now offers pedestrians a safe way to cross the busy road.

Locals Fear Tsunami but Expert Brings Calm

Turkey earthquake map

The press reported that a series of earthquake that occurred near to Akyaka, Muğla caused concern to locals when the sea withdrew by some 30 metres.

The earthquake and aftershocks occurred during Friday and Saturday had also led to comments that this could be a precursor to an even larger quake.

But the press consulted an expert who said that the effect of high atmospheric pressure and the wind from the mountains can and does push the sea back.

The expert continued by saying that these occurrences are common in the Mediterranean and the Sea of ​​Marmara and are not any indicator of earthquakes.

Turkish Money

The British Pound was worth 4.33 TL by the close of business on Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 23 pence.

Arrival Of Winter

Weather week 27 Dec 15

Temperatures will plummet this week and could dip below freezing even in some coastal locations.

However, according to the forecast it’s looks like it will be clear and sunny for most of the week.