Fethiye Times is our weekly round of the local news for Fethiye and area.

This weeks leading image is of Mugla fire crews displaying their fire fighting equipment. The Fethiye division crews were called out to a house fire last week and you can read more about that in this weeks edition of Fethiye Times.

The Force was Strong in Fethiye Last Week

Star Wars

The new Star Wars film was released last week and has been wowing audiences worldwide and in Fethiye too.

The Hyall Cinema in Fethiye has been packing in the crowds since the film was launched his last week with many of the screenings sold out.

The film is being screened in 3D and will continue over the festive period.

The soundtrack is in Turkish.

Tomato Growers on the Up

Fethiye's Juiciest tomatoes
Fethiye’s Juiciest tomatoes

The Russian sanctions on imports of Turkish fruit and veg were again in the headlines last week but this time in a positive story for growers.

It was reported that the wholesale price of tomatoes was on the rise again after the remaining export markets took up some of the produce that had been destined for Russia.

Siberia Bound

Map siberia

Fethiye is also exploring, developing and taking advantage of new export markets including a new one to Siberia.

One happy Fethiye exporter is sending un-ripened tomatoes to the frozen north overland.

The green tomatoes take a journey of between 10 and 15 days and when they arrive they are red, ripe and full of flavour it was reported.

Colder Weather

Weather week 21 Dec 15

Whilst the UK was suffering a rare December Saharan dust cloud and double digit temperatures the Turkish meteorological service was warning of ice and fog at higher altitudes.

The towns of Elmali was forecast to chill down to -1 whilst further inland temperatures of -4 were forecast overnight.

Meanwhile, at sea level Fethiye, Marmaris and Kas were forecast to drop down to 6 degrees at night but enjoy up to 20 degrees during the day.

Soba Thoughts

Mugla fire service

As the temperature drops so the need to keep warm rises and the risk of fire from room heaters, solid fuel, log burners and other heaters increases too.

Three fire appliances were called to a property in the Mentesoglu area of Fethiye last week after a wood stove caused a fire.

No one was hurt in the fire but the property was seriously damaged.

Christmas Day Forecast – Sunny

Christmas weather 2015

Christmas direct flights from the UK will start to touch down at Dalaman Airport next week.

It looks like visitors could be in for a bit of winter sun as the week ahead looks calm, settled and mostly sunny and warm for the time of year.

The forecast looks good for Friday, Christmas Day too with sun forecast all day.

Santa doing a spot of fishing before the Christmas rush
Is that Santa fishing in Fethiye Bay?

That will be a nice treat for visitors when they tuck into their Turkey and certainly better than the unsettled weather that is forecast for the same day in the UK.

Man Found Dead

On Sunday the local press reported that a 40 year old man was found dead in a car parked in the village of Ciftlik.

The Jandarma attended the scene and the man next to a gun.

They are investigating the case but the press suspected it was suicide.

Turkish Money

Turkish money Dec 2015

The British Pound bought 4.33 Turkish Lira by the close of business last Friday.

A Turkish Lira was worth 23 Pence.

The image below shows the volatile value of the Lira to the Pound over the last month and the movements last week too.

Signing off

That’s it for this weeks Fethiye Times. See you next week same time same place for our next weekly news update.