Our weekly round of the local news for Fethiye and area.

Image of Fethiye

This week our image is of a cat waiting for Fethiye fishermen to land their catch and no doubt glean a few fishy morsels. Taken taken last Saturday afternoon.

Strong Words

In the week that the United Kingdom voted to join other countries in striking terrorist groups in Syria, the argument over where and why the Russian fighter jet was shot down continued to rage between Turkey and Russia.

During his annual “State of the Nation” Address in the Russian Parliament on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin branded Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian jet last month a “treacherous war crime.”

“We don’t want any sabre-rattling, but if somebody thinks they can get away with this with tomatoes and restrictions on construction workers, they are wrong. We will long remember what they did and they will long regret what they did…” Quoted one source.

The Turkish PM responded elsewhere in the press saying that Turkey will not be brought to its knees by Russia.

Meanwhile one Turkish national press website featured a video article that showcased the maritime might of Turkey.

Frigates, fast patrol boats, a submarine and aircraft in various fast motion images complete with missile launches flashed across the screen.

The video ominously finished with a long lead out of a Russian named merchant ship passing through the Dardanelles near Cannakale on its way to the Black Sea.

The Impact on Fethiye

The price of tomatoes hit rock bottom last week. Shoppers at the local Fethiye market could buy locally grown tomatoes for as little as 50 kurus a Kilo – just 14 pence.
The price of tomatoes could hit rock bottom as domestic market is over supplied

Russian sanctions to stop the importation of fruit and vegetables to Russia are due to take effect from 1st January.

But the national press reported that Turkish Lorry drivers are already being turned away at the border.

That and the news of the sanctions has led to the plummeting of fruit and vegetable prices as producers sell their excess stock to the domestic market.

The head of the Fethiye Fruit and Vegetable wholesalers told the local press that they normally send 30 articulated trucks a day loaded with produce to Russia so he hoped that the disagreement would be resolved soon.

Give Way to Ambulances

traffic jam

The 112 Fethiye ambulance service invited local journalists to jump in the passenger seat last week to view the poor attitude that some drivers show the emergency vehicles under blue lights and sirens.

The journalist witnessed various poor and indifferent driving acts including blocking the vehicle at junctions and roundabouts and not giving way to the vehicle in traffic.

Leaflets and car stickers were distributed to drivers during the week to promote their message too.

Turkish Money

Turkish lira coins

The Lira ended the week buying 4.35 TL.

A Lira was worth 23 pence.

This time last year the British Pound bought 3.51 TL.


Weather week 5'december 2015

Storm after storm may be battering the UK at the moment but Fethiye has remained calm and sunny.

The majority of the week ahead looks good too but watch out for rain towards the weekend.

More Fethiye news next week.