Our weekly round up of the Fethiye news

Our featured image this week is of a young man rushing to keep dry in one of the many downpours that soaked the area at the end of the week.

Blame it on the Moonshine

Comparison of colour - left shop bought Turkish Angora wine - Right Amphora home made wine

Last weeks full moon was a bad omen for one unlucky Yeşilüzümlü person who was caught manufacturing illegal alcohol, or moonshine as it is often known.

The Jandarama seized over 230 litres of wine, 2.5 litres of pure alcohol and distilling equipment when they raided a property in the village near Fethiye last week.

The Big Question

The controversial shooting down of a Russian fighter jet by The Turkish military last week hit the national headlines.

Anyone with friends living in Turkey or who regularly visit would no doubt that have been asked questions about the incident and if Fethiye was nearby, implicated or otherwise safe.

It’s a common reaction when a big event occurs in a foreign country that those outside will think everything is close by.

Fethiye-Urfa map

Manchester Paris map

But with the location of the incident more that 700 miles from Fethiye many Europeans would have been closer to the Paris attacks than Fethiye is to the Syrian border.

So did your friends from Turkey call you in Manchester to see if you were safe after the Paris attacks (Manchester – Paris 500 miles)?

Russian Friendly Fethiye

fethiyespor football grounds pitch

Whilst tensions may have been running high at a national level locally it was all kicking off in a different way.

The Russian women’s football team were in town and played their Turkish counterparts at the Fethiyespor ground on Thursday in a qualifier for the European Championships 2017.

The spectators applauded the Russian national anthem before kick off and greeted the team warmly.

The match ended in a nil-nil draw.

Fears for Tourism and Trade from Russian Incident

Fethiye's Juiciest tomatoes
Fethiye’s Juiciest tomatoes may not be on Russian plates for a while

Elsewhere the Russian jet incident was played out in a different manner with the threats to trade and tourism high on the headlines.

Local tourism champions considered the potential impacts on their businesses when the Russian president said his citizens may not be holidaying in Turkey in future.

But the fruit and vegetable growers were more concerned about the here and now as they export so much of their crop to the federation.

In Antalya one tomato business said it could lose up to 1 million TL a day in exports due to the suspension of trade between the two countries.

Evening Around Campfire Becomes Inferno Nightmare on Kayaköy hillside


Many of Kayaköy’s residents were woken in the early hours of Thursday when a forest fire swept across one of the hillsides surrounding the valley, lighting up the night sky.

Reports claim that a couple, who were camping on an area of agricultural land close to the rocky, maquis covered hillside overlooking the sea between Coldwater Bay and Gemiler bay, allegedly built a camp fire.

They thought the flames of their fire were under control but the wind had other ideas.

Read the full article here Evening Around Campfire Becomes Inferno Nightmare on Kayaköy hillside.

Yaniklar Music Village Heads to Istanbul

Celebrating Anatolian Soul: Fethiye's Music Village

The Anatolian Cultures Research Society (AKAT) opened Turkey’s first ever village dedicated to music in Fethiye earlier this year.

Tucked away in Yanıklar village and surrounded by beautiful countryside, the new establishment has rapidly become popular with music lovers from all over Turkey and the world.

The Music Village will hit the road this week when they will perform, give talks and sharing their knowledge of music in Istanbul.

On 1st December they will visit the Istanbul Technical University Advanced Research Center (MIAM) for a performance and talk starting at 1:00 p.m.

On 2 December the Music Village performers head to Avcılar to perform their concert series titled “From Tradition to Universal” at the Barış Manço Cultural Center in Kadıköy starting at 8:00 p.m.

On 3rd December the collective will perform and give a talk starting at 2:30 p.m. hosted by the Istanbul University Ethnomusicology and Folklore Department that will also be held at the Barış Manço Cultural Center.

Their closing performance will be on Dec. 4 at 8:00 p.m. hosted by the Maltepe Municipality and held at the Türkan Saylan Cultural Center.

All concerts, performances and talks will be free of charge and are open to the public

You can read more about the music village in our article Celebrating Anatolian Soul: Fethiye’s Music Village…..

Turkish Money

Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Great for Holiday Makers
Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Great for Holiday Makers

The Turkish Lira ended the week at 4.40 TL to the British Pound. At one point in the week it had bought 4.30 TL.

Weather Week

Weather week 29 November 2015

After a wet end to the week next week looks to be much brighter but cooler than of late.