Our weekly round up of the Fethiye news.

No Fall Back for Turkish Time – yet

For the second time in six months the Turkish electorate will be voting for a new government when they return to the polling stations on Sunday 1st November to caste their votes.

The old KayaKoy clock
The old KayaKoy clock

The clocks in Turkey would have normally fallen back an hour with the end of daylight saving last Sunday morning like the rest of Europe, but as a result of the general election this will now be delayed for two weeks.


Darker Mornings

So, until until 8th November, Turkey will be in the time zone normally reserved for countries further east of Greenwich Mean Time +3 hours.

That will mean darker mornings but lighter a little later.

The clocks in Turkey will change one hour from 4:00 (4 am) to 3:00 (3 am) local time on Sunday November 8 2015.

The decision not to change clocks evidently caused confusion across the country, mainly due to times changing automatically regardless of the delay, and the story even appeared on BBC news!

Autumn Storm Lashes Area

A big wet weather system swept over the area at the end of last week.

Many of Muğlas coastal towns experienced local flooding as drainage failed to keep up with the cloud bursts and a higher than normal tide pushed by the wind lashed marinas and promenades.

The rain started on Thursday evening and continued into Friday morning with the most intense downpours occurring between 4 and 6 in the morning.

Marmaris, Bodrum and Sarigerme and Fethiye were all affected and the emergency services helped citizens who were flooded or had crashed or stranded vehicles.

The council had issued warnings of the storm earlier that day.

Fethiye experienced some localised flooding at the height of the storms as drains backed up but nothing too serious.

Saturday saw more rain lash the area but not to the same extent.

Fun at the Airgames

It was thrills, spills and hospital for some when the Ölüdeniz Airgames took place last week.

16 Oludeniz Airgames poster

The event is attended by pilots from all over the world who take part in a range of solo and tandem flying using parasails, chutes and more.

Some are powered but many rely on gravity, air, skill and, in some cases, a big helping of luck.

The world class natural launch pad of the mile high Babadag mountain provides a great take off point for the unpowered fliers until they land on the fantastic beach below.

Oludeniz from the above

And of course with such events there were also a few spills with pilots, shall we say, landing a little earlier than they planned.

One 22 year old pilot crashed on to the beach and had to be stretchered off to Fethiye hospital. He was later reported to be well.

Unfortunately the 16th Airgames were disrupted by the unsettled weather last week and that grounded the pilots.

Despite that they didn’t stop having fun and many headed into the water to enjoy a spot of swimming, others just raised their chutes and flew them like kites on the beach.

Turkish Money

The Tukrish Lira continued its bumpy ride last week.

It started the week at 4.46 TL to the British Pound and but despite the ups and downs ended at 4.45 TL.

Turkish lira we 23 oct 2105


After last weeks wet weather it looks like thinks will brighten up a bit this week.

Weather week 24 oct 15