Our weekly round up of the Fethiye news.

Country in Mourning

A three day commemoration in memory of the victims of the Ankara bombings took place following the events on Saturday.

Neighbourhood Improvements Continue

The Fethiye Council programme of neighbourhood improvements has now reached the Fethiye neighbourhood of Babatas.

The work is part of plans to lay some 173,000 metre squared of parquet block road, pavement and lay out parks in the Babatas and Tasyaka neighbourhoods of Fethiye.

Fethiye roads Babatas 1

When the works in Babatas are completed the construction teams will move to Tasyaka starting first around the main shopping mall and then moving through the neighbourhood.

The works will also include creating parks and spaces for recreation and relaxation.

A view of one of the completed roads in Babatas can be seen below.

Fethiye roads babatas

Fethiye Market Report

The local press wandered the Fethiye Tuesday market last week to find out all about the buying habits of the tourists that visit the popular market in search of bargains and souvenirs.

Counterfeit leather bags for sale in Fethiye market

They commented that tourists like to walk around the whole market first to see what’s on offer later returning to their chosen stall to haggle.

The press noted that items most purchased were shoes, shawls and hand bags.

Counterfeit purses some with Chanel logos for sale in Fethiye market

Stall holders were noted as using English phrases to attract the attention of passing tourists to their stalls.

Finally the press headed over to the food area to talk with the pancake sellers.

They said that the tourists love the traditional pancakes they serve as well as the bustling riverside location.

So, it seems everyone is happy down at the Tuesday market.

Getting Ready For Winter

One local press story report was looking forward to winter last week with a story all about the price of wood and coal.

They interviewed a local retailed who said that his trade had picked up following the recent wet weather.


He said the price of Oak is 450 TL per tonne, Pine 400 TL, Aydin coal 20kg 9 TL and Soma coal in 25kg bags is 13 TL.

Preservation in Pictures

A two day photo exhibition opened in Fethiye last week to help promote the protection of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal.

Badem - Mediterranean Monk Seal
Badem – Mediterranean Monk Seal

The event was opened by various government offices including, Forestry, water, national parks and universities too.

Honeymooners Rescued

Skid marks led to the rescue of a couple of honeymooners last week.

Eagled eyed passers-by driving along the Fethiye-Antalya highway noticed fresh skid marks on the road and stopped to investigate.

They spotted the wreckage of a car about 30m down an embankment and called the emergency services.

The emergency services rescued the male driver from the wreckage.

However, the female passenger was trapped and had to be freed by the fire service. She was taken to hospital.

Fethiye TV on Satellite

Fethiye Channel F announced this week that is will soon be beamed into homes via the Turksat satellite.

The station which first broadcast in 1994 broadcast a test card in preparation for going live last week.

Viewers with the right set up can find the channel on satellite Turksat 3A; 11557 MHz Symbol: 30.000, Polarity Vertical (V).

Syrians Escape Thwarted

The local press reported that 58 Syrian ‘fugitives’ (their words not ours) who were trying to reach Greece by a boat were arrested before they left Fethiye Bay.

The Coast Guard was reported to have stopped the wooden gullet style boat about 3 km off Kizil Ada.

Red island in the gulf of Fethiye is a popular stopping off point for daily boat trips
Red island in Fethiye Bay

The Coast Guard handed the families over to the Police after providing them with refreshments.

Police are now trying to find out who hired the boat to the Syrian families.

The reported did not say what will happen to the families now.

Weather Week

The forecast for the week ahead.

Weather week 10 oct 2015

Turkish Money

The Turkish Lira continued its climb from hits historic low against major currencies last week.

It started the week at 4.55 TL and ended at 4.46 TL.

A few weeks ago the Lira had sunk to its lowest rate ever at 4.73 TL.

Turkish lira 10 oct