Our weekly round up of the Fethiye news.

Rock Tombs or store shed?

Fethiye Museum staff featured in the local press last week when they embarked on the task of cleaning the ancient rock tombs in Fethiye.

Rock tomb or store shed?
Rock tomb or store shed?

The tombs, which are estimated be some 2,500 years old, are an iconic feature of the popular tourist destination.

However, over the years, locals have been using some of the smaller ancient burial chambers at or just above ground level as sheds.

As they have become quite full the museum staff were able to collected a large pile of stuff including tyres, bricks, plastic containers and other things that they had cleared from the tombs.

They were piled up for the press to photograph.

The tombs are emptied
Not the original contents…

Sailing Regatta at Çalış

The sun was shining for a sailing event organised by the Youth Services and Sports Directorate of Mugla Province and Fethiye Municipality together with the Çalış Tourism Association and Fethiye Chamber of Shipping. The regatta took place way off shore from Çalış beach, to make the most of the light winds and lasted from last Friday to Sunday evening. The three-day race was an exciting spectacle for the spectators, especially if they were lucky enough to have a pair of binoculars. Eight teams ranging from youngsters to adults participated in the races that covered three different categories.

Forecast for the week ahead

Weather week 3 oct 2015

Turkish Money

The Turkish currency gained against major currencies last week after weeks of turmoil.

The Lira ended the week buying 4.54 Turkish Lira to the British Pound.

At one point in the week it had bought 4.65 TL.

Turkish lira we 3 oct 2015