Our weekly round up of the Fethiye news.

Stormy Week

As we warned in Fethiye Times the week started with some very unsettled weather over the area.

Spectacular thunderstorms created not only loud claps of thunder and a super light show but also soaked the area.

Fethiye had its fair share of deluges in the early part of the week but luckily none led to flooding.

Even the flood prone area near to the Ataturk monument in Beskaza Square was spared.

However, it was a different story in Bodrum where 224 workplaces, 90 houses and 130 vehicles were damaged when flood waters ripped down a street in the popular Turkish resort town.

Video of the flood waters that tore down one street (rather interestingly named River Street) were widely shared on Facebook.

The governor of Mugla visited the flood hit area and surveyed the damage later in the week.

He assured those affected that they are working to survey and repair damage to electricity and water supplies, roads and other infrastructure.

Yacht Sinks

The local press reported that a catamaran on charter to 8 Russian tourists was blown ashore on Sarigerme beach and sank on the night of the storms on Tuesday.

Credit: Haberler
Credit: Haberler

The tourists were reported to have escaped and got ashore safety.

They were treated for cuts and bruises by a local report doctor.

Happy Holidays

The spectacular weather ended and the sunshine in time for the start of the festival of the sacrifice holiday on Thursday.

For government employees including teachers it was also the start of a 9 day holiday.

Thousands flocked to the hotels, beaches and other attractions.

Traffic police handed out sweets and cologne to drivers.

But at the bus station the police were handing out breathalyser tests to bus drivers leaving the station. A sensible precaution.

Flying High

Paragliding is on track for a record breaking year.

It was reported in the local press that over 93,000 flights had taken off from the world famous paragliding paradise of Babadag mountain to mid September 2015.

The 93,494 launches have now overtaken the total flights for 2014

August saw some 24,241 launches compared with 18,337 launches the same month previous year.

And with the weather friendly lower launch sites now up and running there should be more flights this Autumn too.

Officials have therefore revised their annual forecasts up by a further 10,000 to 110,000.

Ultra Marathon Started

Continuing with the sport theme the Lycian Way Ultra Marathon started at 8am Sunday from the Montana Pine Hotel the the start of the 540km long distance path.

The race will not use the whole path but just, wait for it, an eye watering 250 km stretch.

Good luck to all those taking part.

Lycian ultra marathon challenge 2015 start

Lycian ultra marathon 2015 Babadag

Everything’s a Lira Campaign

Local animal welfare charity Animal Aid were in the news this week when they launched their “Everything’s a Lira” campaign at their charity shop in Fethiye.


The local news agency filed a video report showing bargain hunters filling bags with clothes and bric a brac.

A spokesperson for the shop said they had sold 300 TL of goods that day.

The shop will celebrate its second birthday next month.

Turkish Money

Continuing on the theme of money the Turkish Lira had a better week last week as it recovered some ground against major currencies.

The currency peaked at 4.69 TL to the British Pound but ended the week at 4.62 TL.

Lira week ended 27 Sep 2015


The forecast for the week ahead.

Weather week ended 27 Sep 2015

And Finally

More goat capers for the local mountain rescue team AKUT.

You may recall last week we wrote that the team were called to rescue goats from the Mendos Mountain that towers over Fethiye.

Well this week they were called to the same mountain again.

But this time the task in hand was more challenging.

The rescue from the 60 metre cliffs took 8 hours.

All ended well with goats and shepherd reunited.