Our weekly round up of the Fethiye news from local and national sources.

Kayaköy or Kayıköy? The decision has been made

Following yesterday’s official referendum, organised and supported by Fethiye Municipality, it has been decided by an impressive majority that Kayaköy will keep its name.

Kayaköy NOT Kayıköy: the decision has been made

For more than a year there has been heated debate about the provenance of both names for this much loved valley with some trying to convince voters that the name in Ottoman archives was Kayı, relating to Turkic tribes but whatever the case this did not sway the people of kayaköy.

Counting the votes
Counting the votes

Under the watchful eyes of five officials, including the village chief (Muhtar) and four Zabita (municipal security), on the day, out of the 546 people eligible to vote, 316 turned out with 13 casting their votes for a change in the name but a resounding 299 opting to keep the name Kayaköy and four saying they didn’t care one way or the other.

Today’s process was very different from the change made to the district of Keçiler Köyü earlier this year. With only a cursory poll taken among some of the residents in the neighbourhood the name was officially changed to Karakeçililer Mahallesi (District), much to the irritation of many residents.

Kayaköy NOT Kayıköy: the decision has been made

Clean Sweep

Volunteers helped to clean the Fethiye harbour seabed last Saturday as part of international coastal clean up day.

Divers wearing wet suits and in full scuba gear scoured the shallow sea bed near to the antique theatre.

Fethiye harbour clean up

The local press with their video running recorded the divers removing a wide range of rubbish from the sea bed including cans, bits of boat, bottles and even an old bicycle tyre.

The volunteers then posed with a banner showing their haul of trash neatly laid out to promote the message about keeping our seas clean.

Fethiye harbour clean up 2

Come to Fethiye for Kurban Bayram

That was the message of video and other articles published in the local and national press last week as the super nine day long Kurban Bayram holiday, the festival of the sacrifice, began at the weekend.

Government workers including teachers have been given a nine day holiday to celebrate the 2015 festival.

Another wonderful sunset

Local tourism business were reported to be looking forward to an influx of visitors over the super long 9 day holiday.

Video reports of the area featured on May national TV channels to entice those still wondering what and where to go to visit Fethiye.

Closed for Bayram

Kurban Bayram message
Kurban Bayram message

Fethiye Times readers will be aware that Kurban Bayram starts at Wednesday noon with Arife, and will continue until Sunday, with everything returning to normal on Monday. As detailed above many government offices will be closed but private banks, state hospitals and emergency services will run as normal.


Just like in the UK a national holiday is often a harbinger of wet weather.

A weather warning was issued for Sunday with heavy rain and strong winds.

On Saturday there was a small taste of what was to come but on Sunday the heavens truly opened.

Tourists and locals were seen sheltering from the deluge that, along with thunder and lightening, lasted for well over an hour

This seems to be the case for this holiday week judging by the weather forecast, with the week ahead looking distinctly unsettled.

Weather week 19 sep2015

Tesco plc to Sell Kipa Stores?

The growth and reach of the supermarket has been relentless over the last few years with Fethiye seeing the old Bakkal (independent family-run shops) closing in favour of modern convenience stores opening in their place.

But now there are reports that Tesco Plc, Kipa’s parent company, is cutting back in Turkey.

The opening of the new Tesco Kipa store on Tuesday 1st June drew large crowds to witness the first hypermarket in Fethiye.
The opening of the first Kipa store in Fethiye June 2010

The British retailer has 173 stores in Turkey two of which are in Fethiye.

But overall the stores made a net loss of 574 million lira ($191 million) in the 2014-2015 financial year.

Now, according the Reuters, a growing Turkish company Begendik plans to buy 10 of their stores.

The location of the stores to be sold has not been announced, but if you see the sign above the doors of the Fethiye Kipa change you will know why.


The Turkish Lira pulled back from an historic low of 4.74 TL to the British Pound last week mostly thanks to news in the USA that interest rates would remain on hold.

Turkish lira we 19 Sep 2015

The Turkish currency ended the week at 4.67 TL.

And Finally…

Firefighters were called to a well in Belen near Kayakoy last week when it was discovered that a young wild boar had fallen in to it.

A brave firefighter had to enter the well and secure a rope around the panic stricken piglet.

It was soon lifted out of the well and set free.

That little piglet certainly did have its bacon saved.


  1. With regard to Kurban Bayram you state that private banks will operate as normal……I was under the impression that Finance..Garantee and the rest closed from Weds noon till Monday Morning….or are they not private banks….confused Regards Ian

    • When we said ‘operate as normal’ we meant normal for Bayram… i.e. they will be closed from Wednesday afternoon to Monday morning. Sorry if this was confusing for you. You’re right, we could have phrased it better

  2. I wis to comment on the Mutas service to and from Dalaman airport. My son and daughter in law came on holiday, my grand daughter came a week later. They went to Dalaman to meet her using the Mutas service with no problems, but trying to get back to Fethiye was a nightmare. When asked when the next bus would arrive at Dalaman they were told “maybe 1 or 2 hours later. In the end after waiting over an hour, they got a taxi, which fortunately they share.
    At the end of their holiday we checked the time table on-line and went to the ottogar for the 20.45. On arriving at the ottogar there was a Mutas and Havas bus but no sign of other passengers or drivers. On making enquiries we were told the 20.45 had been cancelled and the Havas bus would leave at 21.30. This was too late for their flight so again had to get a taxi, in all they had to spend 200₺ just to travel to Dalaman. If this is the sort of service on offer, I cannot seeing it lasting long especially for people going to the International arrivals and departures as neither service went to or from the International car park.
    I trust you will pass on my comments to the people responsible for this service.
    Thank you

  3. I’m due to arrive at Dalaman airport early on Friday morning 2nd Oct next. I’ve checked bus timetable online but in view of above comment could anyone confirm what buses will leave airport for Fethiye around 6:00am or afterwards.

    I will return from Fethiye to airport early on Mon 12th Oct to check in around 13:00 hours. Any information would be appreciated.