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Turkish Lira Hits All Time Low

The Turkish currency the Lira reached an historical low against major currencies including the British Pound last week.

The currency was worth 4.72 TL at one point before settling back to 4.70 TL by the close of business on Friday.

This time last year the Lira was worth around 3.50 TL and in that time has lost 35% of its value.

Lira we 13 step 2015

With political uncertainty continuing towards the election in November and pockets of unrest in the country, 5TL to the £ could now be a possibility.

Unrest, Protests and Mourning Following Attack

The news of the death of 16 soldiers in the Yüksekova district of Hakkari’s Dağlıca Turkey following an alleged terrorist attack by the PKK caused an outpouring of national emotion, debate and protests.

Bars and restaurants closed early as a mark of respect and the Turkish flag was displayed by citizens.

The effects were even more pronounced in and around Fethiye because one of the young soldiers was from town of Seydikemer.

The local press followed events with various reports.

The first report followed around 200 people who gathered in the Fethiye Tuesday market car park before heading towards the Beşkaz Square where a silent protest was held by the Ataturk monument.

The second report followed a much noisier event that took place at 1am when around 120 people came together in vehicles and then embarked on a noisy convoy around the town.

It is reported that they headed for a Kurdish bakery but were prevented by the Police who turned out in force to protect the premises and its occupants.

The police were in attendance until the next morning.

Great Scot Saved by Tree

A Scottish solo Paraglider ended up hanging from a tree last week when his parasail collapsed in a side wind.

The press reported that Sam Cullingworth (43) launched himself from the 1,700 meter launch site on the southern slopes of the Babadağ Mountain for a solo flight on Thursday afternoon.

But when his parasail folded due to a side wind at around 600 meters he started to plummet to the ground.

Luckily his lines and sail caught on large tree cushioning what could have been a fatal fall.

He was rescued by the Fethiye National Medical Rescue (UMKE) team and treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Man Dies In Rafting Incident

A 37 year old maths teacher from Fethiye died on Sunday when the raft he was travelling in reportedly flipped over throwing him into the white water during a trip down the Dalaman River near Fethiye.

The father of two was was reported to have died at the scene.
His body was sent to Mugla for forensic investigation.


September may have arrived but there was no let up in the hot summer weather last week.

Normally Fethiye enjoys a pleasant but dry heat.

Not last week with high humidity The week was uncomfortably and uncommonly humid as well as hot.

The week ahead could see some rain although most likely inland.

Weather week 13 step 2015

And Finally

The week ended on a higher note when members of the local mountain rescue team AKUT weare called to rescue a goat.

A shepherd called in the team when his goat became stranded on a high ledge on the Mendos mountain that towers above Fethiye.

After a fair trek to the remote location the team of eight brought the goat to safety much to the delight of the shepherd and no doubt the goat too.