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Grave Concerns

The Chairman of the Mugla Foreigners Association spoke with the press this week about his concerns of the lack of cemetery spaces to bury foreigners.

In an interview in the local press he said that is a big problem and is calling for a church and graveyards to be built for non Muslim foreigners.

He said that official records show that 15,000 people hold a residence permit in the county of Mugla and many more own property.

The area is very popular with retired British people who he said “want to spend their last month of life in a place that is like heaven.”

He added “The British have a very comfortable time here as their pensions go a long way”.

But with the nearest Christian church in Izmir and with local graveyards filling up he said it is time for a church to be built in the county.

In the interview he said we want a graveyard for the creation of only non-Muslims in the area between Fethiye and Marmaris. We have a project about it.”

Court Case Begins Amid Tight Security

A 24 year old man who worked as a waiter in Dalyan and a younger 17 year old man who are accused of sexually abusing and murdering an 18 year old girl Cansu Kumar on 14 June 2015 went on trial last week.

The case has stirred a great deal of interest and lawyers have been volunteering their expertise and effort following a campaign by the family.


According to the local press security was high as protestors gathered to mark the start of the court case with 80 officers stationed around the court building in Ortaca.

The father of the murdered girl spoke to the press of his concerns that the case had been brought to court too quickly and that his lawyers therefore had little time to prepare for the first hearing.

Dalaman Airport Voted Worst in the World

What are the worst airports in the world?

That was the question asked by the analytical website Priceonomics.

They were curious about which airports are most hated and most loved and all things in between.

Dalaman Airport food and drink prices survey June 2014
Dalaman Airport high food and drink prices are loathed by users of the airport that is the gateway to south west Turkey

In order to analyze that, they examined nearly 17,000 reviews of more than 700 airports on the airport ratings website Skytrax.

Their finding was that Dalaman airport was the worst by overall quality scoring just 2.2 out of 10.

The website states:

“By Skytrax user reviews, Dalaman Airport (located in Dalaman, Turkey) comes out as the world’s worst major airport. Many users complain about the “outrageous” price of food, and one reviewer goes so far as to claim his experience of this airport ruined his holiday in Turkey.”

Road Markings to Be Repainted

Major roads in the area will have their road markings renewed over the next few weeks.

DHA photo: Kayaköy Hisarönü road
DHA photo: Kayaköy Hisarönü road

This will also include pedestrian crossings and other safety markings too.

Road markings are often eroded during the summer months due to the high tempers tusk strong sun light and traffic.

British Tourist in Collision with Vehicle

The local press reported that British tourist 53 year old John Malcolm was in collision with a car on 31 August when he was crossing Atatürk Avenue in Ovacik, Fethiye around midday.

The Mr Malcolm was taken to Fethiye State Hospital for treatment by ambulance.

The vehicle sustained significant damage to the windscreen and roof.

Animal Aid Foam Party Thanks Founding Members

The September Animal Aid party event was held at the Bakraç Beach Park in Koca Çalış last week.

Animal aid foam party
The regular event was attended by over 300 people who were entertained by international entertainer Zak Black followed by a disco and Foam Party.

The event was also used to say goodbye.

A presentation was made to Pauline and Andy Trent (see the leading picture) founder members of Animal Aid, who have now decided to stand down and enjoy their retirement.

Turkish Money

The first week of September saw the Turkish Lira settle on currency markets.

The currency at one point was worth 4.46 TL to the British Pound.

Turkish lira w e 5 September 2015

However, it ended the week at 4.58 TL.


The hot summer weather continues this week with temperatures expected to tip over into the low 40s.

However, the forecast is suggesting temperatures could fall to a more bearable mid 30s by the end of the week.

Weather week 5 September 2015

Slap on plenty of sun cream though as the UV is forecast to be very high.


  1. Re your report on Dalaman Airport, not only is it the most expensive it is also the most uncomfortable. Try sitting on one of the seats/benches for 3 hours if your flight has been delayed!!