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Bust – Exclusive Escapes Ceases Trading

Exclusive Escapes a well known up market travel company that specialises in boutique hotels and villa holidays to Turkey ceased trading on the eve of the big bank holiday getaway.

The Richmond based company was reported to have around 500 customers in Turkey at the time of the announcement.

The Company was said to be working with the CAA to bring home those customers.

Customers who had booked holidays are now being asked to contact their insurance company and or travel credit card company to arrange refunds.

Villa owners and former staff of the company now must wait to see if there are any funds left to pay them the outstanding rent and wages they are owed.

It is understood that the company have put holiday makers in touch with the accommodation owners so they can make their own arrangements independently.

Fish Market Fire Alert

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Fire in Fethiye Fish Market
Fire in Fethiye Fish Market

A fire in a chimney at a popular restaurant in the fish market in the centre of Fethiye was a crowd puller on Friday.

Fire in Fethiye Fish Market from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

The fire service climbed on to the roof to take off tiles to find the seat of the fire and extinguish it.

It is thought the hot flue from the stove heated the surrounding roof materials to such a level that they had started to combust and according to bystanders this was the third time it had happened.

Mountain Rescue Called to Butterfly Valley Again


The local mountain rescue team AKUT were busy again last week when they were called to rescue stranded tourists who became lost walking near to the popular natural tourist attraction of Butterfly Valley.

This is the third week they have been called out to rescue a stranded tourists

This week it was the turn of a family led by an intrepid dad who set off to walk down to the Butterfly Valley.

But the difficult terrain soon saw them disorientated after they took a wrong turning and ended up lost.

Thanks to a mobile phone they were able to raise the AKUT team who came to their rescue.

But they were stuck for 6 hours.

Luckily no one was injured.

The local press repeated the warnings from the local headman that visitors need to think carefully before venturing into the beautiful terrain.

High Hopes for Paraglider Numbers

The local Babadag Paragliding companies are hoping to smash the 2014 flight numbers this year.

Mile high dining is a wonderful experience
Mile high dining is a wonderful experience

They are estimating based on the number flying to date that they could hit 180,000 flights in 2015.

That would smash the 164,000 passengers who flew in 2014 by 10%.

Pirate Tour Operators Targeted

Officials carried out checks on tour bus drivers last week as part of a crack down on illegal tour companies.

The Police toured the car park of the Tuesday Market along with officials from the tourism department to check the paper work of drivers, vehicles and tour guides.

The local press did not report if any of the vehicles or staff were found be in contravention of any laws.

Tour companies and their guides are required to hold various licenses from the authorities to trade that ensure minimum safeguards are in place including valid and sufficient insurance.

Victory Day Marked in Fethiye

Zafer Bayram
Zafer Bayram

Sunday 30th August was victory day and Fethiye held a ceremony to mark the event.

See our leading picture of the event.

Çanakkale Travelling Museum visits Fethiye


Çanakkale, or as it is known to those outside Turkey, Gallipoli, was the area of western Turkey in which one of the most tragic campaigns of WWI was fought a hundred years ago this year. A travelling museum is currently visiting Fethiye. It is parked outside the Culture Centre in the centre of town and will be open until Wednesday night.

Turkish Lira

The Turkish currency had another bumpy week on the worlds currency markets.

It hit a new low of 4.68 TL before rising a little end the week at 4.50 Turkish Lira.

Turkish lira we 29 August we 29 august


Another hot and sunny week ahead.

Weather 29 August 2015