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Forest Fire Closes Main Road

If you got stuck in traffic jam last week it could have been because of a forest fire.

Fethiye's fire fighting helicopter heroes

A forest fire that broke out closed the Fethiye – Mugla highway for one and a half hours near Koycegiz last Friday.

The fire took four hours to extinguish using aircraft, fire tenders, bulldozers and 150 firefighters.

Stork Rescue

Storks are a common sight in the skies and on buildings during the summer months around the countryside of Fethiye.

white storks

They can be seen soaring high on thermals or perched atop buildings and other tall objects sat in their nests.

Last week a lucky injured young stork featured in the press after it was rescued by an animal lover after it fell from its nest near to the village of Çucukrıncer.

It was taken to a local vet for treatment and it is hoped it will be free for special deliveries some time soon.

Suspected People Traffickers Arrested

Eleven people were arrested by Maramaris police suspected of people trafficking around the Fethiye/Gocek areas.


Three boats were also seized in the operation.

45 Migrants Saved Near Fethiye

Forty-five people were saved by the Turkish coastguard when their overcrowded boat carrying them sank off the coast of Fethiye on Sunday 9 August 2015.

Of the 45 migrants who were saved, 19 were children and nine were women.

The Jandarma took the migrants to the Dalaman Jandarma station by bus.

According to reports they were later transferred to the Dalaman Police Department.

Babadag Cable Car Given Green Light

A project to build and operate a cable car to the top of the imposing mile high Babadag mountain was given the green light by the authorities last week.

The local chamber of commerce welcomed the news and said that the dream of 12 month tourism for Fethiye and Oludeniz is now another step closer.

Stranded Teacher Rescued in Flip Flops

AKUT are there 24/7 as front line support
AKUT are there 24/7 as front line support

The local tourist attraction of Butterfly Valley may have a gentle sounding name but it can be a ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ for the unwary tourist.

In last weeks Fethiye Times we reported of the dangers of exploring the local attraction with unsuitable footwear in “Flip-flop Topples at Popular Beauty Spot Blamed on Inadequate Footwear”.

Two tourists had to be treated for broken bones, sprains and cuts on two consecutive days at the popular Butterfly Valley attraction following slips and trips.

Flip flops

The tourists, both young men had toppled whilst trying to climb rocks at the popular waterfall destination.

Last week it was the turn of a teacher from Istanbul on holiday in the area to get into difficulties when he tried unsuccessfully to scale the Butterfly Valley cliffs wearing, yes you guessed it, flip flops.

Butterfly Valley Oludeniz from the sea
Butterfly Valley – Scene of the rescue of a tourist last week.

However, when he failed to emerge from his adventure by sunset his wife who was waiting for him raised the alarm.

The local mountain rescue team AKUT mobilised nine members, located and rescued the father to two in a three and half hour operation involving ropes, pulleys and no doubt a large volume of shouting.

When he was safe the waiting local press saw his flip flops and asked if they had caused him to become stuck.

He replied that his footwear was not the problem, it was his mountaineering skills.

Election on the Horizon

The AKP lost its 13-year hold on power in the June 7 polls, falling 18 seats short from a ruling majority in the 550-member parliament in Ankara.

Turkish General Election this Sunday

Last week it was reported that talks to form a coalition government failed to reach agreement paving the way for an election in November.

This news coupled with the slowing economy and waning investor confidence sent the Turkish Lira tumbling to a record low against major currencies.

Money, Money, Money

The Turkish Lira sunk to a record low against the British Pound last week of 4.44 Turkish Lira.

Turkish lira fx we 14 August 2015

The currency ended the week at 4.43 Turkish Lira.

A Turkish Lira was worth just 22 pence.


It could be a very breezy week ahead as a warm wind is forecast to sweep the country.

So hold on to your hat and keep applying that sun tan cream too!

Weather week ended 15 August 15

……and finally

Our featured leading picture this week is of Gemiler Island. You can find out all about this amazing local attraction in our article A Guide to Gemiler Island.

See you next week.