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Flip-flop Topples at Popular Beauty Spot Blamed on Inadequate Footwear

Two tourists had to be treated for broken bones, sprains and cuts on two consecutive days last week at the popular Butterfly Valley attraction.

Butterfly Valley Oludeniz from the sea
Butterfly Valley – Scene of the rescue of  tourists last week.

The tourists, both young men had toppled whilst trying to climb rocks at the the head of the valley to the waterfall.

The UMKE national medical rescue teams were called in to treat the two and take them to safety both of which involved a boat ride back to Oludeniz and an onward trip by ambulance to Fethiye.

The neighbourhood leader has called for the authorities to post signs near the waterfall warning tourists of the dangers of the slippery rocks and make announcements on the tour boats as they bring in the tourists too that if you are going to climb wear the right footwear.

The same also goes for visiting any sites in the area.

Toot-toot to Two Wheeled Fire Fighters

With the Forest Fire season now in full swing the Forestry Commission took the opportunity to show off their latest fire fighting weapon in their large arsenal of equipment that includes huge four wheeled fire trucks, planes and helicopters.

Innovation on two wheels
Innovation on two wheels

Called the Chipmunk, or maybe the Squirrel depending on our translation skills, it’s a bright red Kawasaki scrambler bike.

They have taken four stock bikes and pimped them so they can carry out rapid response firefighting duties.

They have added a pump, hose, water container that can hold 20 l water to each, and finally, have painted them regulation red.

The bikes and riders are patrolling high risk areas and acting as first responders to tackle small fires before the cavalry arrive.

Keep an eye out on your travels and give them a toot-toot to show your support.

A great innovation and we wish them well.

Popular Diving Wreck Damage – Natural Causes

Last week Fethiye Times weekly update of the news featured an article in which the local press ran a story about damage to a popular diving attraction.

Wreck damage

In that they said that an old coastguard patrol boat was sunk in the Fethiye Bay in 2012 to provide a diving attraction.

Over the years the wreck has become colonised by sea life making it a fantastic attraction for SCUBA enthusiasts coming to Fethiye.

Divers could explore above, within and around the boat too.

The local press had reported that damage had occurred to the boat and nearby sea bed in what observers have said had been made by explosives.

They said that illegal pirate fishermen had dropped explosives into the water in an effort to stun fish and then pick them up.

They said that a large Grouper fish and other species that lived in the wreck had all gone and it was thought that they had been killed and collected.

Then there was a story that scrap metal merchants were to blame for the explosion and resulting damage.

Understandably there was a lot of anger and blaming going on.

However, last week the Fethiye Governor put the record straight when he issued a statement to the press stating that a survey of the site showed no evidence of explosives having been used and that the damage was more likely to have been caused by natural erosion by winter storms.

A Visit from the Top

Will Middleton, Consular Director for Southern Europe, made a flying visit to Fethiye last week. Accompanied by Istanbul-based Consular Network Coordinator, Joanne Pietsch, Fethiye Pro-consul, Ahmet Dördüncü, and the Honorary British Consul for Fethiye, Mustafa Şıkman, Middleton met with local travel reps to discuss general planning, strategy and a couple of new information projects that are on the horizon. He then met with local English language journalists (including FT of course) and updated them on the latest FCO news.

Working together with KTLN in Kalkan, we are writing an article based on the meeting that will be published during the week.

From left to right: Mustafa Şıkman, Joanne Pietsch, Will Middleton
From left to right: Mustafa Şıkman, Joanne Pietsch, Will Middleton

Sea turtle hatchlings

It’s highly unlikely that you will meet a newly hatched sea turtle on its way to the sea, as they generally make their intrepid journey at night. In fact, the local turtle watch groups from Turkish and foreign universities would prefer if humans kept away from the beach during the night and certainly didn’t party and picnic on them after dark, or even worse, make fires. But even though the hatchlings head for the sea while you’re all asleep (unless they are distracted by lights, go in the wrong direction and end up dead), it’s important for everyone to know that this annual miracle is happening, and will continue to happen for the next couple of months.

The last Loggerhead sea turtle hatchling of the season
The last Loggerhead sea turtle hatchling of the season in Koca Çalış (2006)

These amazing creatures appear on the ICUN red list as endangered, with only one in 10,000 surviving to adulthood. Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) have a life-span similar to ours and an remarkable need to return the same beach on which they were born to lay their eggs. It is therefore essential for their survival that Fethiye’s nesting beaches (Çalış, Koca Çalış, Çiftlik, Karaöt, Yanıklar), are kept litter free at all times, and clear of beach furniture, quiet and dark (no lights) at night. Also no cars or other vehicles should drive or park on the beaches, day or night.

Thank you for caring.

Turkish Money

The British Pound bought 4.31 Turkish Lira on the currency markets by the close of business on Friday.

The week before it bought 4.33 Turkish Lira.

Turkish lira fx we 8 August 2015


It looks like it could have a very hot but emotional weather week ahead.

Forecast - Emotional
Forecast – Emotional