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Blue Moon

Nail Kuyucak's blue moon
Nail Kuyucak’s blue moon

Last week saw the rare lunar event of two full moons in a calendar month.

The event is known as a Blue Moon.

Thanks to Nail Kuyucak for the fantastic image of the moon over Kayaköy.

Rescue Stats Released

The National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE) of Mugla has 90 volunteers who regularly put their own lives at risk to rescue to provide a 24/7 rescue service in some of the most inaccessible areas.

The local arm have a team on summer duty at accident black spots such as Babdag mountain and nearby Oludeniz for the regular water, climbing, trekking and other incidents that occur in the busy summer months.

Over the last three months they have been called out to 100 incidents.

The volunteers are well trained according to the local press reports and work hand in hand with the professional emergency services.

So if you are out and about off the beaten track this summer and get into a spot of trouble it’s good to know there is a team of professionals on hand to get you to safety.

Sound Control

gürültü denetimleri (1)

The boom, boom, boom of the night was under scrutiny last week when officials took to the streets to measure the noise generated by the night time economy.

Professional electronic sound level instruments were pictured by popular bars in Hisaronu in the local press.

The compliance checks were being publicised to remind premises that play amplified music of the three rules:

1. If a business plays amplified music it needs a licence

2. Sound levels need to be within acceptable limits before 23:59

3. After midnight music must be enclosed within the building and must not ‘escape’ to disturb residents.

Fethiye’s Mobile Animal Neutering Clinic Heads to Van

More than a decade ago, local philanthropist and animal lover, Perihan Agnelli, bought a fully equipped mobile animal neutering clinic to help with a street animal neuter and return programme. In recent years, she donated the clinic to Fethiye Municipality, in the hope that they would continue the work. However, despite generous sponsorship from various foreign charitable organisations, the regional Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons made life so difficult for the project organisers that they had to cancel the project on several occasions.

Now, Fethiye municipality has handed over the clinic to Tatvan Municipality, in the distant eastern province of Van. Last week, Perihan and the team from the Animal Sanctuary in Fethiye handed over the keys to the vets and drivers, who had travelled from Van to collect the vehicle. We wish them all the best and good luck with their journey home and future plans for neutering Van’s street cats and dogs. Gifts were presented to the Van team before they left on their long journey.

hayvan bak?m merkezi mobil  klinik araç bağış (10)

Fethiyespor Prepares for the New Season

Players from the local football team, Fethiyespor, were in the headlines last week as they trained in 40 degree heat.

The 30 strong squad are getting ready for the new season and will head off to a training camp for a 12 days period, where they will take on other teams to hone their skills.

fethiyespor football grounds pitch

The team manager said he has high hopes for the coming season and hopes they can score their way up the league placings this year.

Heat Wave Heading Our Way

Just when you think it can’t get any hotter then along comes a weather phenomenon to turn up the dial again.

Weather forecasters are saying that it will be very hot on Monday and there could be thunderstorms in the area too.

Another hot summer week ahead.
Another hot summer week ahead.

The week ahead looks hot and sunny.

Race For Life Provides Essential Equipment to Local Health Service

The Race for Life event that was held in Fethiye on 12th April 2015 attracted hundreds of runners and raised cash for cancer causes.

Perfect day for Fethiye's Race for Life - Turkey

Last week the event leader George Rimmer was pictured with civic leaders and health professionals at the Fethiye State Hospital handing over a specialist piece of equipment to be used in the fight against stomach cancer. The Gastroscopy device cost 37,000 Turkish Lira.


The town governor, Ekrem Çalık, thanked all those involved in the Race for Life event and said this was a great example of how we can all live together in harmony and fight a common enemy, cancer.

Here, Mustafa Şıkman, British Honorary Consul for Fethiye, explains why groups like Race for Life are so important for the local community.

Mustafa Şıkman talks about Race for Life Fethiye. from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

On Friday 31st July a group of foreign nationals who live in Fethiye, and organised Race for Life in the town earlier this year, handed over urgently needed oncology equipment to the State Hospital Oncology department chief, General Surgeon, Dr. Seyfi Acar. After the moving ceremony, which was attended by officials including the Fethiye Governor, Ekrem Çalık, Mustafa Şıkman spent a minute or so explaining, as the British Honorary Consul of Fethiye, why he thinks things like this are so important for the community. This race for Life, following the wonderful example set in the UK, was the first of its kind in Turkey. Hundreds participated, raising enough money was raised to buy this important equipment to help fight cancer in Turkey. The organisers hope to be able to make it an annual event in Fethiye and other towns and cities across the country.


Popular Diving Wreck Damaged

According to some sources the Fethiye area attracts over 10,000 divers a year to its clear blue waters.

An old coastguard patrol boat was sunk in the Fethiye Bay in 2012 to provide a diving attraction.

Over the years the wreck has become colonised by sea life making it a fantastic attraction for SCUBA enthusiasts coming to Fethiye.

Divers could explore above, within and around the boat too.

But last week the local press reported that damage had occurred to the boat and nearby sea bed in what observers have said has been made by explosives.

They say that illegal pirate fishermen have dropped explosives into the water in an effort to stun fish and then pick them up.

They said that a large Grouper fish and other species that lived in the wreck have now all gone and are expected to have been killed and collected.

But the explosives have also damaged the boat so that now most of the areas that divers could enter are now cut off by the damage.

Some fear that the news will damage tourism but a local diving company thinks not and says it’s still a wonderful thing to dive on with plenty to see and do.

Divers Rare Find

Diving also featured in the press last week when local divers found what is believed to be a super sized squid egg mass.

The four metre wide almost translucent mass is the size of a car.

According to experts the egg mass could be that of the red flying squid, a common species, that can grow up to a metre and a half long.

See the amazing video below.

the thing from Lutfu Tanrıover on Vimeo.

Fethiye’s crystal waters

The Health Authorities have just released data showing how clean the water is on the Turkish coast. Isn’t that nice to know? For more information, click here.

Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey's tourist icon
Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey’s tourist icon

New Record for the Turkish Lira

The British Pound bought even more Turkish Lira this week.

It started the week at 4.25 TL but ended at 4.33 TL.

Of more note was that the Turkish Lira hit a new low this week against the Pound with the British currency buying a massive 4.36 TL to the pound.

Five years and the Pound buys almost double the Lira
Five years and the Pound buys almost double the Lira

Compare that to five years ago; now the pound buys almost twice the number of Turkish Lira.

Thanks to Kate Topcu for her photo of the wonderful works of art created by children at the Çalış Kids Club.


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