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Inventive Dad Comes Up With Great Money Saving Idea

A great dad is every kids dream but even better is a dad who can muster up a swimming pool in your own back yard.

Two lucky kids were featured smiling in the local press last week when their Dad turned the back of his open backed transit complete with ornate iron work into a mobile swimming pool.

Dad, who is a painter by trade, hit on the idea after his kids asked if they could go to the beach.

They headed off from their home but when they arrived at the coast they found nearly every ‘public’ beach now either charges a hefty entrance fee or has security guards patrolling to keep locals out.

When a truck becomes a swimming pool! Courtesy of DHA

So he hit on a cost effective solution. He turned the back of his open backed Ford Transit truck into a swimming pool by fitting a water proof membrane and filling it with water.

Now he says his kids can have a beach experience every day, well, after he has finished work that is.

And with all the money they will save no doubt they will have some cash left over for ice cream too. To see a video the DIY pool click here.

Suspected Drowning

A 22-year-old Pakistani Meesaq Qayyum, was found dead in the sea off Oludeniz last week.

He is suspected of having drowned.

Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey's tourist icon
Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey’s tourist icon

He had been on holiday with friends who raised the alarm after he entered the sea but did not come back.

After a sea search his body was found 1 meter under the surface.

Medical teams tried to revive the person but they were pronounced dead at the scene.

The body has been sent for forensic tests to determine the exact cause of the death.

Paragliding Numbers Hit 50k

Ölüdeniz has also become one of the most sought after places to paraglide in the world with numbers increasing year on year.

Aerobatic paragliding
Aerobatic paragliding

The local press reported that Babadag welcomed its 50,000th paraglider last week.

The world famous paragliding location is now on target for a record year.

Over the past few years there have been many improvements made to the access roads and take-off area, allowing the 1,965-metre take-off on Babadag and this is reflected in the number of flights being made.

Operators have set a target of 100,000 flights for 2015.

Jodie and Fiona jump for Fethiye’s street animals

Last Thursday morning Jodie Hodgson and Fiona Watson, who had already made it very clear that they are not adrenaline junkies, overcame their anxiety just enough to travel up to the summit of Babdağ with their two experienced pilots. Together with Sky Sports tandem pilots, Hasan Cansız and Ali Ünlü, they took off from 1,700 metres. Murat Tüzer, Hasan Cansız and Onur Ertaş, owners of the Sky Sports paragliding company in Ölüdeniz, donated the two flights to raise money for Animal Aid; Fiona and Jodie want the money to be used to help street animals in Fethiye, Üzümlü and Ovacik.

Sky Sports and Animal Aid fund raising flight. Photo: Fethiye Times

While they were flying, a group of Animal Aid supporters, including Animal Aid founder Pauline Trent, waited at Cloud 9 café [owner Kadır also made a generous donation], ready to cheer the two as they landed. A little after 11am, Jodie, and her pilot, Hasan, made a perfect landing to a round of applause from the AA team. Shortly afterwards, Fiona’s feet touched the ground a few seconds after those of her pilot, Ali. Again there was a cheer of approval from the waiting crowd.

Pauline Trent said:

Jodie and Fiona are very brave and deserve to be congratulated for raising such an amazing amount of money. We need all the help we can get to look after Fethiye’s street animals.

Both women thanked Sky Sports for giving them the opportunity to fly and raise much needed money for the local street animals. They also said a big thank you to their pilots. Finally, Jodie said that although she was pleased to have made the flight and helped Animal Aid, and that she had almost enjoyed herself, she and Fiona were not the kind of people who naturally choose this kind of adventure.

Before heading off to Cloud 9 for a restorative drink, Fiona added,

If we meet anyone who wants to go paragliding in the future we will certainly recommend Sky Sports. So far are not yet sure exactly how much money has been raised but think it’s in the region of 6,000TL [£1,500]. We will publicize the final total, once it is known, next week.

They all headed off to Cloud 9 for a restorative drink.

Babadag Cable Car Project a Step Closer

It was announced last week that tenders for the build and operation of a cable car that will take passengers to the top of Babdag will be invited in 6 months time.

The plan is to have a cable car operating in time for the 2016 season.

The cable car is expected to run all year offering cool views in the summer and an even cooler trip in the winter.

Gull Rescue

A sea gull that became entangled in a tree on the Oyuktepe Tepe peninsula had to be reduced by elite mountain rescue team AKUT last week.

AKUT are there 24/7 as front line support
AKUT are there 24/7 as front line support

The alarm was raised when a local man saw and heard the gull trapped in the branches of a pine tree.

Unfortunately, despite the two hour rescue effort, the gull died.

Watermelon in a Bottle

It’s now watermelon season in and around Fethiye with market stalls and supermarket shelves burgeoning under the weight of the tasty red summer tongue taste tickler.

Water melon in a bottle IHA
Water melon in a bottle IHA

But one special watermelon grabbed the headlines last week.

It was a watermelon that had been grown in an empty 5 litre water bottle.

The bottled watermelon was on proud display in the vegetable market in the centre of Fethiye.

But this not a one off. Apparently the market trader has an ample supply of these bottled melons; for a premium price of course.

Money Week

The Turkish Lira started the week buying around 4.14 TL to the British Pound.

It ended at 4.24 TL.

A Turkish Lira was worth just over 23 pence.

Turkish lira we 25 July 2015

Weather Week

It’s going to be another very hot and sunny week with highs in the mid thirties.

UV will be very high so cover up to protect your skin if out and about during the hours of 11am to 5pm.

Weather week com 27 July 2015


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