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The End of the Fast – Welcome Feast

It was a farewell to Ramazan 2015 on Friday as Turkey celebrated with a three day bank holiday known officially as the Ramazan Bayram.

Ramazan sweets

To the youngsters it is still known as the Seker Bayram or sugar holiday, a time when they are showered with sweets and other confectionery.

If you stay at home expect the local children to knock on your door to give you ‘Bayrami greetings’ which should include kissing your hand and then touching their foreheads with it which is a major gesture of respect.

In return they will expect a handful of sweets and, depending on how well you know them, a gift of money.

The latter doesn’t have to be much: start with a shiny one lira coin for the youngest kids and go up to 5YTL for middle class Turkish teenagers.

Turkish lira coins

Traditionally the money was presented wrapped in a handkerchief, but these days no-one seems to bother about the wrapping.

Traffic Police Promote Holiday Safe Driving

The Bayram is traditionally a time when hundreds of thousands of motorists take to the roads to travel to meet friends and relatives for the end of fast celebrations.

But during that time the number of traffic incidents, collisions and injuries also spikes.

traffic jam

The traffic polis were featured in the local press handing out sweets and cologne to drivers whilst passing on driving safety tips, checking that drivers are wearing seatbelt and encouraging drivers to take a break.

They will also be patrolling the roads at the end of the holiday when the weary will be wending their way home.

Resorts Full for the Bayram

Domestic holiday makers have flocked to the popular resorts of Fethiye, Oludeniz and Calis over the weekend to make the most of the three day bank holiday.

The local press featured images of packed beaches, busy roads and happy holiday makers.

With temperatures along the coast hitting 38 degrees the beaches were one of the places where holiday makers headed to take a dip and cool down.

Saklikent gorge water tourism

The other popular location was the the cool waters of Saklikent Gorge. You can read our article all about this wonderful natural canyon in our article here Saklikent Gorge – Chill Out Day Out

Melting Roads

The high summer heat was being blamed for melting an asphalt roads last week and creating dangerous driving conditions for motorists.

The press featured images of the melting, sticky black road between Kayakoy and Ovacik.

They interviewed drivers who had used the road and said it was dangerous to drive on and like ice in places, slippy and slide.

That road was also the scene of a fatal crash recently when a Scottish 23 year old Ewan Manson died when the quad bike he was riding left the same road.

Commentators suggested that the incident may have been as a result of the poor broken surface conditions.

So if you are planning to drive around this summer take note, read the road and slow down.

A hot road could be almost as dangerous as an icy road.

Touts Targeted

The authorities have renewed their activity to curbed the actions of the terrible Touts who target tourists on the streets of local resorts.

One of the biggest complaints of tourists visiting popular Turkish holiday resorts is the intrusive and pressured activities of touts who try to force them into their restaurant, shop or other establishment as they walk down the street.

Counterfeit purses some with Chanel logos for sale in Fethiye market

Last week it was announced that the local police handed out leaflets to businesses including market stalls, shops and restaurants around the area informing them of the rules to prevent touting and the penalties for breaking them.

Last year officials working under cover used body worn hidden cameras to gather evidence of those ‘touting’ for business and took action against over 145 businesses in the Mugla area during the season.

In the Fethiye area 25 businesses were subject to penalties including the closure of their businesses for up to three days.

In Marmaris 68 businesses faced sanctions and Bodrum 53.

The authorities believe their actions have disrupted the bad behaviours of touts by hitting businesses in their pockets.

That, they believed, had reduced hassle by 80%.

Turkish Lira

The British Pound is now at a seven year high to the Euro but the Turkish Lira has been rallying recently from its 4.30 TL peak of a few weeks ago.

Turkish lira we 16 July 2015

Last week it managed 4.08 TL before ending the week at 4.14 TL.


Summer is here and it will be hot, hot, hot this week according to the forecast.

Temperatures could extend to over 40 degrees centigrade during the day.

There will be little respite at night with temperatures in the mid to low 20s.

Summer is here!
Summer is here!