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Safety Concerns As Some Pilots Flout the Five Flight Limit

In 2011 authorities introduced a five flight maximum for all tandem paragliding pilots launching from the world famous Babadag mountain above Oludeniz, Turkey to minimise the risk of accidents due to fatigue.

The introduction of the limit saw the accident rate plummet and zero fatalities.

However, last week the local press reported that allegations were being made that some paragliding companies were not playing by the rules and allowing their pilots to complete as many as seven flights a day.

According to the local press the situation came to a head on Saturday afternoon when an altercation broke out on the mountain launch pad between rival companies in front of tourists waiting to jump.

A request is now being made to reintroduce checking and to extend the penalties for non compliance.

According to the rules any pilot who is caught exceeding the daily 5 flight limit is banned from flying for 3 days. If they are caught again exceeding the limit in a 15 day period the pilot is banned for seven days.

Safety conscious paragliding companies are asking for those limits to be extended to ensure compliance.

Ovacik Welcomes Bungee Jumpers

A new attraction opened in Ovacik last week bringing yet another activity for those seeking thrills and spills.

A 50 meter high crane is the jumping point for those who want to feel the pull of gravity without the inevitable consequence.

The operator of the experience was quoted in the local press as saying that jumpers can be solo or tandem as long as their combined weight is not more than 160kg.

Neighbours Raise Alarm Due to Nasty Whiff

The Police were called to an address in the Tuzla neighbourhood of Fethiye at the weekend after neighbours complained of a strong smell.

The Police entered the single storey property and found the decomposing body of a man at the address who is thought to have died around a week ago.

The body was removed and an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of death.

Clean Sweep

The beaches of Fethiye and the surround area have never been so clean if all the news of beach cleans so far this year are anything to go by.

Last week it was the turn of TURMEPA and members of the Tui Resort Team to don gloves and fill bags full of litter. Şemsi Toprak was also there from The Travel Foundation

litter bin waste rubbish

The event was held as part of the Make Holidays Greener Month.

The group were pictured in the local press cleaning a pile of waste that had accumulated near to Boncuk Bay as pictured above.

Now all is needed is to educate the public not to leave their waste where they picnic and all these clean up operations could be a thing of the past.

Rambler Rescued

A female rambler was rescued by members of the AKUT rescue team last week after she spraining her ankle whilst walking near to Kabak Bay.

According to the local press she had been walking with friends along a canyon to visit a waterfall when she slipped and twisted her ankle.

The female walker had to be stretched 2km to an ambulance.

She was treated at the local state hospital.

Goodbye Fast, Hello Feast

Next Friday sees the end of the Ramazan fast and the start of the Ramazan Bayram.

Turkey will celebrate with a three day holiday, feasting and visiting friends and relatives.

Pistachios, honey and buttery layers of pastry
Pistachios, honey and buttery layers of pastry

If you are invited to join in then do so and enjoy sweets and more treats for your taste buds.

‘3D jaw’ sea turtle research awarded

Following our story from a few weeks ago we are happy to announce that a team from the Veterinary Faculty of Mustafa Kemal University has received an awarded for having performed a successful operation to attach a replacement jaw on an injured Loggerhead sea turtle.

The operation to attach the prosthetic 3D Jaw on the sea turtle was carried out for the first time in the world by the team from Mustafa Kemal University (MKÜ), headed by Professor Muhammed Enes Altuğ, the Head of the Department and Director of MKÜ (Centre for First Aid and Treatment of Sea Turtles (DEKİYM)) and composed of Associate Professor Cafer Tayer İşler, and Veterinary surgeons, Dr. Barbaros Şahin Dr. Cengiz Aslan.

The procedure took place at DEKAMER, the Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre for Sea Turtles at Iztuzu, Dalyan, which is part of Pamukkale University, Denizli. Professor Yakup, who founded DEKAMER, was also present during the operation and has been closely involved in the sea turtle’s follow up care.


A poster explaining the amazing procedure undertaken at DEKAMER
A poster explaining the amazing procedure undertaken at DEKAMER

Following the jaw replacement, Professor Muhammed Enes Altuğ presented a paper on the research and operation at the 3rd Veterinary Orthopaedic and Traumatology Congress in Ankara on 5th and 6th June, and received the 2015 award for the Most Original Research Award from the scientific committee.

Professor Muhammed Enes explained that the Caretta caretta was doing very well. The Caretta caretta could open and close the new jaw and there was no sign of tissue rejection or infection. He added that the post-operative treatment and rehabilitation processes were being followed up with care.

Professor Enes said, “It is hoped that the 3D prosthetic jaw procedure will also prove beneficial for human beings and animals with damaged jaws”.

Professor Kaska said: “Working on this project with the veterinary team has been very important for DEKAMER, Pamukkale University, and a significant step forward in Turkey’s important contribution to sea turtle conservation and scientific research.”

Windy Saturday evening

A strong wind blew through Fethiye at the weekend. Following brief but heavy rain and hail on Saturday afternoon, a wind storm caused some disruption until Sunday morning, when powerful gusts resulted in some trees being blown over. The good news was that there was an incredible sunset.

Fethiye sunset in June 2014
Fethiye sunsets

Elsewhere in the news over 10,000 sweet gum trees have now been planted in the region.

These trees once produced a major export for the area.

You can read more in our article here The Liquid Amber Tree – Liquid Gold that’s Losing Part of its Shine

Hot Week Ahead

The hot weather is building up and next week should not disappoint those coming to Fethiye, Oludeniz and Calis for their summer break.


Turkish Lira

The Turkish Lira has now started to appreciate against the British Pound despite the ongoing election stalemate that has yet to see a government formed in Turkey.

By the end of the week it bought 4.14 TL after starting the week at 4.22 TL.

Xe week ended 12 July 2015


  1. Question? Not sure if Turkey has taken to fining people who liter( say $50 1st time 2nd $100 and so on) . As that would hopefully make people casually offing out the window think twice or picnicking which seems to be the biggest offenders. Just a thought.