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Hydro Plans for Popular Gorge Scuppered

Plans to build a hydro electricity plant very near the Saklikent Gorge entrance were scuppered last week when the regional court ruled against the plans following an Environmental Impact Assessment.

People wading across the fast flowing waters in Saklikent Gorge near Fethiye

The Gorge, that attracts over half a million people a year, would have been spoilt according to locals who were quoted in the press.

Road Works

Resurfacing work will take place on the Dalaman Airport road over 3 days between 30 July and 2 August 2015.

The Atakent junction will be affected and diversions will be put in place.

Heat Wave

The UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has warned that a heat wave is heading towards the east of Europe and could see higher than seasonal temperatures for Turkey and Greece in the days to come.

Fethiye’s foreign residents welcomed to İftar meal

On Friday evening at sunset a group of 70 people, including foreign residents and officials sat at tables on the terrace at the Ece Saray Hotel in Fethiye, waiting for the imam to announce the beginning of İftar. As the Ramazan cannon boomed across the town and the prayer began, the Ramazan fast ended for another day. Water was sipped and a date was eaten before the meal got underway, in what was for many of the foreign guests,the first time they had participated in this important ritual.

Iftar 2015 2

At each table there was a Muslim who explained what happened during Ramazan in general and İftar in particular, and answered their questions about Islam.

The İftar meal, to which foreign residents were invited for the first time, was organised by the Fethiye District Mufti, Oğuzhan Kadıoğlu, together with Imams from Ovacik and Hisarönü mosques. The Muğla Governor, Amir Çiçek, Fethiye Governor, Ekrem Calik, the AKP Muğla Member of Parliament, Hasan Özyar, Fethiye Mayor, Behçet Saatci, Religious Affairs of Religious Publications General Manager, Yuksel Salman, Muğla University Rector Mansour Harmandar, Mugla Province Mufti Abdurrahman Kocak, Istanbul Mufti Prof. Dr. Ramadan Muslu, provincial and district office directors, joined the 70 foreign residents.

FT asked some of those present what they thought about this unique and inclusive event.

Jean Skuse and her friend Margaret were invited by Hisarönü İman Şükrü Girgin. Jean said: “I live next door to Şükrü’s mother. She is my second mum. I’m like her daughter. Şükrü invited me because of this.” She invited Margaret to join her. “I received invitations from two different sources,” said Margaret. “It’s the first official İftar meal I’ve been to but I’ve been a guest before at friends’ homes.”

Many of the guests at the İftar were interested to learn more about İslam and would like to see an open day at a Fethiye mosque organised. Jean explained, “I think it would help, especially when you live within a Turkish community, which I think the majority of us do, rather than a small English community, to understand your neighbours’ beliefs; how they pray, the way they pray. It makes a complete difference to your view and helps in our understanding of the religion and beliefs. It makes a difference to your life and I think because I live in a village it does makes living there much more acceptablebecause you understand how and why.”

Iftar 2015 3

“One of the speakers said it isn’t just about refraining from food, it’s about make your eyes and ears refrain from things they shouldn’t look at or listen to. It’s not easy.”

Another guest said she thought the Mufti would be surprised to learn how many foreign residents want to learn more.

The officials made speeches welcoming the foreign guests and explained that the İftar meal was about embracing people from all countries and religions.

Turkish Lira

More highs and lows in the value of the Turkish Lira last week. The British Pound peaked at 4.25 TL but ended the week buying 4.19 TL.

Turkish lira we 4 July 2015



  1. Hello,

    I wanted to thank the Fethiye district Mufti Oguzhan Kadioglu and the other officials for orgnizing the Iftar meal with foreign residents of Fethiye. As an American muslim this a great time of Ramzan to really show and explain what real islam and real muslims are like. This will give foreigners a clear first hand idea about islam vs what they have been accustomed to see in the media. I have visited Turkey many times and Fethiye and had a wonderful time there. Keep the good works and may God bliss you all.

    Al Hussain