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Wish You Were Here

The local press started the week with a number of good news stories to promote all that is great about a holiday in Fethiye.

In one article they featured smiling European tourists who had just paddled down the Kara Cay towards Saklikent on inflatable rings.

The activity, they said, costs between 30-35 Turkish Lira.

The press interviewed the Porters, a family on holiday from the United Kingdom.

They said the trip was fun and safe and the water was ‘a bit chilly’.

Then it was the turn of the quad bike safari to feature in an article all about the popular tours around Kayakoy and Gemiler.

Quad bikes Kayakoy 169
The popular quad bike tours. Bikes parked near the old ruins of the Greek village.

The article featured more happy smiling tourists sitting on their bikes.

The tours they said cost between 50 TL to 80 TL per person and were said to attract around 6,000 tourists a year.

And finally it was the turn of Saklikent Gorge, one of Fethiye’s best natural attractions, for the ‘wish you were here’ treatment.

You can read our article all about this wonderful natural canyon in our article here Saklikent Gorge – Chill Out Day Out

Ramazan Nights

The holy month of Ramadan, or Ramazan as its known in Turkey, is now in full swing.

The İftar meal in Kızılbel
The İftar meal in Kızılbel

The breaking of the fast, the Iftar meal, is celebrated in homes and specially sited tents around town.

Last week the local press toured some of these Iftar tents chatting to people and asking them how Ramazan was going for them.

Fethiye Municipality's Janissary Band
Fethiye Municipality’s Janissary Band

The Cherry Festival in Nif was the venue for Saturday’s İftar meal. Before breaking the Ramazan fast there was marching by Fethiye’s Janissary Band and following the food and prayers there was music and Whirling Dervishes.

Whirling Dervishes in Nif
Whirling Dervishes in Nif

At your [new] Convenience

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi opened a newly refurbished public convenience in central Fethiye last week.

The mayor of Fethiye opens newly refurbished public toilets behind the PTT in Fethiye last week.
The mayor of Fethiye opens newly refurbished public toilets behind the PTT in Fethiye last week.

The toilets, which are located behind the Post Office, are part of a city wide project to renovate and install new loos in Fethiye’s and its surrounding villages.

Young Scottish Musician Dies in Holiday Quad Bike Crash

On Monday Ewan Manson, a 23 year old musician from Glasgow, died when the Quad Bike he was riding left the winding minor road between Hisaronu and Kayakoy and crashed down its steep banks.

The local press reported that the crash occurred because of the sand and gravel present on the poorly surfaced road.

They also reported that following the incident the road was swept and new asphalt laid on the corner where the Quad Bike left the road.

Stuart Glyn, who was riding with Ewan on a separate bike, was also injured but later released from hospital.

It was reported that the damaged quad bikes were taken to Fethiye for repair.

Salih Taşcı, TURSAB’s [Turkey Travel Agencies Union] Fethiye Area Executive Vice President, offered his condolences to the bereaved family. Speaking with Fethiye Times he said:

This is a tragedy for Ewan’s family and friends and our thoughts are with them at this sad time. The time has now come for Fethiye to everything necessary to limit the private rental of quad bikes. Guided tours have a much better safety compared with private rentals but the safety of our visitors and tourists is paramount and there should be more and better regulations and they must be enforced.”

Taşcı suggested that the use of all quad bikes by tourists should be limited to specific fields and designated off road areas. He also said that safety barriers should be erected on the Hisarönü to Kayaköy road and the road surface improved, and that guided quad bike tours had already been banned from parts of the Kaya Valley and nearby Gemiler beach, following a visit to the district by the Town Governor, Ekrem Çalık.

DHA photo: Kayaköy Hisarönü road
DHA photo: Kayaköy – Hisarönü road

A 52 year old British tourist, Gareth Soden, was seriously injured in early May when he crashed the hired quad bike he was riding around the Oyuktepe road near Bocuk Bay, Fethiye.

Although Gareth survived the incident that saw him career down a 70 metre steep slope leaving the bike in the sea and him lying injured on the rocks, he finally succumbed to his injuries in a UK hospital, a week last Sunday.*

Holiday insurance policies generally exclude cover when riding such vehicles, leaving injured riders with large medical bills and in some case repatriation costs.

* This is an amendment of our original story. Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife, Loraine, and family at this sad time.

Dutch Geography Teacher Pedals Coast on World Bike Tour

The local press featured intrepid cyclist 31-year-old Lieke Geraedts from Holland last week as she made her way along the Turkish coast on her 23,000 Km journey around the world as part of her European leg.

In the interview she said that she had found the Turkish people very hospitable and some had even offered her accommodation for the night when they saw was camping.

The geography teacher who is on a two year sabbatical is aiming to arrive back in Holland in November this year.

Lucky Escape

Fire and Medical teams rescued a pregnant bank worker from her wrecked car after it left the main road on the exit from the Gocek Tunnel.

The car rolled down a 10 meter cliff before landing and suffering significant damage including a small fire in the engine.

The woman was taken to Fethiye for medical treatment.

Police are investigating the cause of the incident.

A concert for Maritime and Cabotage Day

On 2nd July there will be a concert in Fethiye’s Beşkaza Square performed by the Aksaz Naval Base Command Military Band.

Organised by the Turkish Chamber of Shipping, the musicians are coming from the Turkish Navy’s Aksaz Base in Marmaris.

The concert is free and will start at 9pm.

Dances will be performed and an awards ceremony will be held during the concert.

In case you’re wondering, cabotage is a mid 19th century term meaning coastal trade and is derived from the French word caboter, meaning to ‘sail along a coast’.


Turkish Lira

The Turkish Lira strengthened last week.

Turkish lira we 27 June

It started the week at 4.28 TL and ended at 4.19 TL.

A Turkish Lira was worth 24 pence.

The Weather for the Week Ahead

Weather week 28 June 2015